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Pregnant cat

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Hi im new here and I was hoping to get some advice. I have a female bobtail cat that is VERY pregnant and apparently she was given to me pregnant cause we have only had her since january and as far as I know she hasnt had a heat cycle since we have had her. I havent had a pregnant cat since I was a little girl. Ive done research online but Im wanting to hear from experienced people. How close to delivering is she? The last few day's she has been grooming herself alot and eating alot, her nipples are rosy pink and the utters are full of milk but the milk doesnt leak out, she's even removed most of the hair away from the nipples. Today she has acted a little more weird, for example, she hates my two pug dog's but today she got up and went and rubbed on my female pug (she has never done that!!). Earlier today she got outside through the window that I have my air conditioning unit in and I didnt know till I got up and noticed, I got her back inside but she kept wanting to go outside. I have a birthing box set up for her but she seems to want to have them under the cabinets in my kitchen or my bathroom cause that's where ive seen her going alot. I dont want that to happen and im affraid if she has them while im sleeping something will happen to the kitten's under my cabinet's cause I have cleaning supplies and stuff in both cabinet's. I have been checking her temp every day for a week but it hasnt gone over 100 degree's. I check it at night when my husband get's home so he can help me with her and last night it was 99.6. Anyway if anyone could tell me if they think she is close I would greatly appreciate.

**Impatiently waiting owner of a pregnant cat**

Im excited and I want her to hurry and have them and I wanna be here when she has them lol.
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Can someone tell me how to post pictures cause I would love to share a couple of her.
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Unless you got her in late January, or unless she hasn't been outside since you got her, she got pregnant since she's been with you. . .cats are pregnant for 9 weeks. You don't have to see them in heat for them to get pregnant--if they find a male fast enough they might only be in heat for less than a day, and they aren't always obvious about it.

It's best to assume that any female cat over 4 months old who has been outside unattended or has been near an intact male cat is pregnant at any given time. They can get pregnant again right away after the kittens are born (so keep her inside!) and can have 3 litters a year. Please have her and the kittens spayed/neutered after the kittens are old enough (they can be done any time after they weigh 2 pounds)---there are far too many cats in the world already, and not enough homes for them all.

Anyway, if you want her to have the kittens somewhere specific, you'll probably have to confine her to that area. Otherwise she'll make the decision herself, and it may not be what you had in mind. Keep the emergency vet's number handy, just in case. If she's in active labor (pushing, etc.) for more than 2 hours she'll need help. She does sound like she'll have them fairly soon, but until she goes into labor there's no good way to know exactly when they're coming. Cats do like to choose the most inconvenient hours to give birth, LOL.

As for pics, the only way I know how to do it is from a photobucket account. Once you have that set up it's pretty easy to post them here. We need lots of pictures! What color is she?
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I've never had a cat that was pregnant before, so I don't have any advice. I just wanted to say What a beautiful cat she is I hope you post pictures of her kittens!
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Still no kitten's. She's acting pretty normal today. Just grooming herself alot. I did confine her to a spare bedroom last night so that she will get the idea that, that's where she's gonna have them. I let her out when I got up and she went to her normal spot under my coffee table. Tried getting a rectal temp on her last night but I think she is sick of me doing that so I didnt get a good enough reading. Thank's for the help girl's. Will keep you posted and will definately post pictures of the kitten's. Anyone have any guesses of how many she will have and what color's?
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Cats almost always drop 4 eggs. Sometimes 1 or more will be lost or 1 or more will split to make twins. . .so the average is 3-5 kittens. Of course sometimes there are larger litters as well.

It depends what the daddy cat looks like, but I'll guess they'll mostly be tabbies.
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Still no kitten's. She's just been laying around all day, hasnt even eaten as much as she was there for a few day's. The babies are moving around like crazy in that big ole belly of her's though. I just dont think she's as close as I thought she was cause she's not really looking for anywhere to nest. So I guess that mean's she did get pregnant since ive had her, and if thats the case the only cat's I have seen around my house was a orange and white fluffy cat and it was a big cat so im gonna say it was a male, and I think a gray fluffy cat but not sure on the sex of that one. Im just anxious to see what they are gonna look like.
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If you can feel the kittens moving, it'll be within 2 weeks. . .do you remember the first time you felt the kittens moving?
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Well Ive been feeling little kick's here and there for about a week, but nothing like they have been the last two day's.
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You are also having dogs? these pug dogs?
When her times comes, better they arent around.
I dont think friendly dogs are a real danger, but she perhaps doesnt know it. Esp as she "hated" them to shortly before.

The mom and her kittens must be stress-free. It may perhaps be why she is so unsure where to have her nest? None of them seems really safe??

The last day before delivery they often dont eat / eat much less, and also have a loose poo.
Unless this poo isnt a real diarrhea, it is thus entirely normal.

Good luck!
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Thank's I didn't know about the loose stool that with every pregnant cat or just some? My two pugs and very loveable dogs and wouldn't hurt her, they have never snapped at her, she has only hissed and smacked them cause they got around her while she was eating, she's an older cat, probably 6 year's old so I think that's why she doesn't have much tolerance to some thing's. Again thank u for the info on the poo
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Still no kittens. I let mary out on my back porch today while I was letting my kid's play cause it's such and beautiful day here in Arkansas and she loved it, she was just sun batheing, rolling around and stretching. It didn't last long though, she got up and went back inside and went to her usuall spot under the coffee table, it wouldn't surprise me if she doesn't try having them there. She doesn't look as wide today as she has been. Maybe the kittens are moving down now? It could be my imagination to though Have a great day everyone!!
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Your female is 6 years old? Is this her first litter? She's quite old to have kittens and may be more prone to complications so I'd keep a very close eye on her while she's on labor.
Are you letting her outside (without harness or a secured enclosure)? Do not do that or she might go and have them outside. And when she is nursing she should be indoors, she could get parasites/worms from outside and then the kittens would have them too, or if something happens to her the kittens would be in trouble.
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No this isn't her first litter. I was outside with her and if she went to walk off I followed her, she only stayed out there for about 20 minutes anyway. Im not gonna let her out after she has the kitten's, cause I know she can get pregnant again right away and we are having her fixed cause like you said she's to old to be having kitten's.
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I thought about something just a few minutes ago about what Mary did here a couple of week's ago and I was wondering if it was normal. Here a couple week's ago we went out of town for most of the day and night and when we got home I went in the bathroom, that's where marys cat little box is, she had gotten a roll of toilet paper off the shelf and unrolled about the whole thing and spreaded it around in her cat little box?? Do you think she would of tried making that her nest, with it being a cat litter box and dirty?
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Nah, kitties just like playing with toilet paper!

Seriously, 2 weeks ago would be a bit early for her to have started making a nest.

Still no sign of kittens?
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She doesn't do nothing but lay under my coffee table and sleep. Her babies are moving so much I can see them moving when I'm like 5 feet away from her.only two of her teets have milk in them and then two more have just a little milk. She's so big!! You would think as big as she is she would of had them already.
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Mary has been in my family for about 4 or 5 years. I got her from my aunt but she was my grandmothers cat but she died two years ago so my aunt took over taking care of her. I wanted her so bad cause I knew she was my grandmas favorite cat so she let me have her after my grandpa died back in september (he wouldn't let anyone have her after my grandma died) anyway she's had like 3 litters, 1 she had inside and the other 2 she had outside. Since she's had most of them outside could she be holding out till she has the chance to have them outside since that's what she's use to doing?
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I don't think cats can "hold out" when it comes to giving birth. Actually, I don't think anyone can stop babies from coming when they want to! she's probably just not ready. They'll come when the time is right.
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I know but it's so hard waiting. Im a very impatient person lol. I think she might be showing some sign's today but not sure.When she come's out of her room I go and check on her and she will go back to the door and meow at me like she want's me to come in there, so I go in there and sit down beside her box and she will start really wanting me to pet her and show her some attention, today she actually bit me when I stopped petting her(she just kinda nibbled on my hand, not hard though). Also I have a do I feel for her mammary gland's? Cause her teet's are saggy but I dont feel any swelling of any kind like the internet has been telling me I will feel, not sure if im feeling in the right spot's.
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Oh, the always seems like sooo long, but they'll come!
It should definatly be this week- I always find that 2 weeks after you can feel them moving they'll be born, so you don't have long to wait!
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Well if I've caught some of her symptom's in time then I estimate that she still has at least 6 days left. Tomorrow (which is saturday she should be 8 weeks). I still have her in one of our spare bedroom's and I feel bad for leaving her in there for another 6 day's, but I have the door cracked open enough to where she can come and go as she pleases. I cant wait till she has them and I get to post picture's, I have a feeling she's gonna have some beautiful babies. After she has them I'll be wanting them to hurry up and get bigger and start exploreing everywhere, and attacking your feet when you walk by them. Mary is'nt a playfull cat, she's so serious all the time, so im ready for some playfullness. I have a question...should I start calling my Vet now and setting up appointment's to have Mary and the kitten's spay/neutured or should I wait till she has them? I havent had kitten's since I was a little girl so I know nothing about how old they have to be and stuff. Thank's everyone for reading all my impatient post's This will be my last one till she has them:p
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You'll probably want to know how many kittens there are before you go and make appointments for them! LOL. You could call your vet now to find out how old he wants the kittens to be before he'll fix them. Kittens CAN be done as soon as they weigh 2 pounds (usually 8 weeks), but not all vets are comfortable with that. If he wants to wait too long (past 4 months; females can get pregnant that young) and won't agree to do them younger for you, try another vet.

Also ask him how old the kittens have to be for the mama cat to be spayed (my vet says 9 weeks). Don't let her outside until that's done; she can get pregnant again right away.

Will you be keeping the babies or finding new homes for them?
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I want to keep at least 1 or 2 of them and then the rest I will adopt out, but I figured it would be easier to find good home's for them if I got all of them altered and had their shot's done. I've heard of spay/neuter clinic's that do it fairly cheap? Was wondering if they would be as good as a Vet or if it's the same thing? What would be my best option there? I just wanna do what's best for them and momma!! Thank's for the information. Even if I have to lock momma up she will NOT be getting outside untill she is fixed. I dont think me or her could go through this again!!
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Yes, it's definitely best to have the kittens spayed/neutered before adoption. Otherwise their new owners may not have it done in time and then there will be even more kittens to find homes for! Nobody needs that.

I have used a low-cost clinic before, and found them to be just as good, if not better (since they do hundreds of surgeries every week), than my vet. This of course might be different with the low-cost place where you live, so ask someone who's used them before for their experience. There don't seem to be a lot of them in Arkansas, though:
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Willowy thank you so much for that website. There is actually a clinic just 20 minutes from where I live. That is so great, thank you. I'm gonna ask around and see if I can find someone that has went to this clinic. I will be calling them Monday.
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Originally Posted by bobtaillover View Post
I want to keep at least 1 or 2 of them and then the rest I will adopt out, but I figured it would be easier to find good home's for them if I got all of them altered and had their shot's done.
That adoption shouldnt be too difficult. There is some need for home raised, well socialized kittens. There are people who dont afford to pay for what it costs buying a pure bred cat, and not daring to adopt kittens of a semiferal or homeless mom, even is that kittens are socialized. This is prejudice, but so it is.

Good you are planning for doing the spaying and necessary shots.
You can of course charge the cost for it.
If they dont want to pay - you know they are not suitable owners.

Good luck!
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Yeah I dont think it will be hard to adopt them out either. Im hoping they're all bobtailed like momma is, was told that would also make it easier to find someone to adopt them. Not sure they will all be bobtailed though, was thinking about doing it myself if not. Any opinion's on that? Would it be to cruel? I was thinking about applying a small rehoming fee for them since im gonna have them altered and shot's given. If I dont think someone is good enough to take one then I'm just gonna keep all of them (as long as she doesnt have 7-8) lol then I might have to adopt a couple of them out. Will definately be picky about who they go too that's for sure!!
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Tail docking is not acceptable in cats. It can cause some serious spinal damage and even stool incontinence--don't do it! Even the natural bobtail gene can be dangerous if both parent cats carry it (Manx syndrome). Although you probably don't know if your girl is a natural bobtail or if it was damage from a long time ago. . .if she is natural, some of the kittens will probably be bobtailed.
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