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AAARGH! Kittens

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Noddy came into the room a bit ago and she was pawing frantically at her mouth. I called to Mike and I held Noddy and opened her mouth and you could just barely see the tip of something way back in her throat, plastered (thank God) to the roof of her mouth. While I held and repeatedly got bit! Mike fetched the tweezers and finally fished out of Noddy's mouth a piece of plastic! I don't know where she got it, probably underneath something but I am glad she came to mom and dad to rescue her and didn't just stay where she was and choke!
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Poor baby! That is so scarey!
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I'm glad Noddy's okay Hissy. I swear I feel like I have a toddler around now that I have my new kitten. They are quite a handful.
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Oh Maryanne, Thank goodness you saved him... that's so scary....

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That is scarey. I'm glad you were there to get that plastic out. I'm always scared my cats will choke on something.
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Now She opens her mouth!
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They are three times the work! LOL
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oh goody what a pretty kitty mouth

awww 3 scrum kittz
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Like having a toddler around, huh? They're so darn cute though! Thank goodness you were there to help noddy!
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my goodness how lucky the kitten was to have you around to save her life . From now on I will make sure that plastic will never lay around at my house . The picture with the open mouse is so great . Yeah they never do what they suposed to do You make great pictures , thank's for sharing with us
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Oh thank goodness that you were there to rescue her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I forgot , the Kittens look soooo cute
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How scary! I'm glad Noddy is ok now.
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Wow that is scarey. I am so glad that you and your Hubby was there to save Noddy. It just wouldn't be the same around here with out those great pictures of the little scamp
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I'm so glad she is ok. They are all so adorable!
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Too close for comfort!
Thank goodness she's alright. You must be so relieved.

I'll never forget the time that my Molly as a kitten (now 11) climbed up an extremely tall tree in our back yard. . . . she slid down 1/2 way and fell the rest (started at from approx. 40 feet). She scared the daylights out of us!

Kittens ARE like toddlers.

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I told Mike, I know we rescued these three, but I wonder who is going to rescue us! These three have been giving us so much time in the worry corner since they came here!
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Poor little Noddy. Kitties are just like babies because they will try to put everything in their little mouths. Glad you and hubby were there MA.
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I know one thing MA. Those three are such a bundle of looooove. They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! How scary Maryanne!!! I am so happy that you and Mike were home to rescue Noddy so FAST...what a little bugger, Noddy is! Ya know, the triplets DO look inocent in all of their pictures, LOL!!

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Phew whot a relief!!!!!!!!!!
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Ackkkkkkkkkkk That's really scarey. Thank goodness you were both around to help!
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I'm right there with ya ma. The plastic thing doesn't stop though, Neo STILL does that. it is a real problem after we go to the grocery store.
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Oh my gosh ! Your hearts must have been racing !!! Thank God, you were in and available to get your little one out of trouble ! Kittens are just so cheeky and mischievious...that;s why we love 'em ! You have 3 adorable, snuggly looking, bundles of fun !
Great pictures too ! Lets hope Noddy has learnt his lesson !

Give them all a snuggle from me !

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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