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Manx Syndrome

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My one year old Manx has been diagnosed with a spinal disease. Because of this he is now constipated and risks Mega Colon setting in. He's currently on 6ml Lactulose and also on Prednisone daily. He'e eating, walking around, some mornings and nights less active and vocal than others. I'm able to mix milk in his food, saringe water down him as I don't think he's drinking much or mix it in his food. He's urinating 1-2 times each day however has had maybe 1.5 inches of hard stool come out in a week's period. His colon according to the xray is full. He won't eat pumpkin. He's on a high fiber Science Diet, wet and dry preferring wet right now. It's an agonizing waiting game thinking we'll have to put him down in a few days for no pottying and then he pees....but no or little stool.

As awful of a decision as it was, the vet and I came to an agreement we would not treat with enemas as he has a huge missing part of his spine causing nerve endings to not allow him to pass the stool. Now in theory he's lived with this his entire life and only became constipated a few weeks ago. However, the vet believes this will be an ongoing agonizing event for our kitty and if he can't get this out it's probably best to let him go if I'm okay with that. Really who's okay with any of this.

At this point I just want to make sure he's not in so much pain for not passing stool. When do I make the call? He's just a baby.
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I don't know what to say other than prayers for you and your baby as you face this horrible decision.
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I don't know what to tell you, I've never had to deal with this problem in a cat. I'm so sorry that your cat is going through this.
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I don't have any advice but my heeart breaks for you
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Welcome here but I am sorry it is under these conditions. This is difficult and only you can make that decision. I have a friend who keeps American Bobtails. One of her females started with some problems with the nerves in the spine. She found out that the breeder cropped the tail and in doing so caused the damage. The poor kitty had urinary incontinence from the nerve damage. Minor problems with bowel movements but still some there. She did finally PTS her kitty. The cat was living in a cage and was so depressed. I really was sick about this situation but there was nothing the vets could do to help her even the meds didn't stop the urine from leaking. I don't know what to say because I don't know about Manx Syndrome, hopefully someone will see this and have advice for you.
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Pray for guidance for to know when to let him go. On the more physical side of this, if he appears to be in more pain thats unrelievable and its appearant is quality of life is not so good then that might be time. For to keeping him around would just be torment for him and for you to watch. I have a 12 year old manx with spinal arthtitis. She hadn't had pain meds for about a month and had specail SD j/d food.
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I've been on this site for quite some time and I don't recall anyone here actually going through Manx Syndrome - if they have, it's been a long time. If you google it, there are some sites out there that is specific to the disease where you might find more information. Just a quick search, I found:
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I had always thought that Manx syndrome affected the babies. That if the kittens showed signs and symptoms of Manx syndrome would present itself by 4 months. Is it possible to get this in later years?
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