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This guy in the check out line made me so mad

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I was waiting in line at the local Walmart and had some new toys in my basket for the purrbabies. We got into a conversation about our cats. To make a long story short he made the comment about taking his cat to be declawed.........I saw red when he said that

I let him know in no uncertain terms what I thought about him doing that to the cat and also told him exactly what they do to the cats feet and how cruel it is to the cat I don't know if it did any good to tell him all of this but it sure made me feel better to let him have it
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dosn't this just p``` you off,and you can't change their minds.Some lady wanted to get one of my last litter of kittens,and when I told her she had to sign a paper saying she would't do that to the kitty,she wouldn't sign and I would not let her have one!
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Way to go...even if he didn't listen to what you had to say. Hopefully someone over heard what you said and will take your words to heart.
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I hate ignorant people. I'm glad you told him. I would have done the same.
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Some people really don't know better. It is good that you told him and hopefully he will change his mind. I know I thought they just took the nails out. not that that is pleasant or nice. But after my inlaw got there cats back and we saw that they did we all felt awful! Around where i live alot of people think you get a cat, you get it fixed and have it declawed
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Yeah that is upsetting. The best thing to do though, is educate them (which is what you did). Most people don't realize what declawing entails and that there are alternatives. Good for you for speaking up!
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Most people don't know better. We see it all the time here at TCS, someone will come in and ask the 'declaw' question, and everyone jumps all over them. But its not their fault they are uneducated. Don't forget, most of us here learn something every day here that we may not have already known had it not been for one of our experts here.

The average citizen who is a cat owner probably isn't as knowledgeable as you think. So instead of letting them tick you off, just gently try to teach them....you attract a lot more bees with honey rather than vinegar.
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I've never wanted to get any of my cats declawed, simply for safety's sake. I mean, what if we had a big earthquake, and the cats got out accidently...they wouldn't be able to protect themselves. So, I've never done it, however, I am curious, because I'm somewhat ignorant about a lot of things. What do they do, when they declaw cats? If it is a very painful thing, why do they allow it to be done? It seems like it should be against the law.

By the way, there are some apartments here in Los Angeles, where they say they will only rent to cat owners, if their cats are declawed. Thankfully, I don't live in such a building.
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Declawing removes the tip of the toe to the first knuckle. It is very painful and is illegal in many countries.

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WTG Cathi- Declawing sucks and I'm glad you let him have it!
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In Germany declawing is against the Law and I think that is great . I think here in the us they need to have the same law .
blondiecat I am so happy that you said something to that person , at least he knows now and can think about it . I would have done the same thing .
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I think a lot of people have no idea what declawing is. I didn't until I came here. It is frustrating to have people go through with it after you've explained what they're doing to their pets.
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So far as I am aware there are no vets in the UK that would carry out this procedure and it amazes me that in such an enlightened country as the US that your vets do - they are, after all, educated and know exactly what the procedure entails and the pain and distress the cat must endure but, sounding cynical, I guess the mighty $ comes into it somewhere.

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How could someone hurt a kitty like that??
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I went to look at this one apartment complex to move into and I asked them about pets and all that. Then the lady turned and told me that my cat had to be declawed before I could bring her into the complex! and that I had to have proof of it! I think that is messed up!
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Toes and Tailer are declawed. They appear to be doing okay without the claws, but I was so mad when I found out. I also feel so heart-broken when I feel their little paws. I know it makes life easier on my part, but their little paws aren't NORMAL kitty paws!

Is there anything I should be on the watch for in the future?
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