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Persnickety cat!

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This morning, I dumped the laundry room litter box, soaked it in bleach water, scrubbed it and left it outside to dry. Then, I ran a couple of errands and did a few household chores, forgetting about the box.

For about an hour, Rowdy was pacing the family room, meowing at the top of her lungs and neither Bill nor I could figure out what her problem was.

Just before we left to get groceries, Bill brought the box in. I proceeded to scoop litter out of the bin into the box. After the first scoop, Rowdy jumped in, peed a huge puddle and gleefully threw litter all over the laundry room. THAT was her complaint - she wanted to use THAT box!

Never mind that there is a covered litter box in the bathroom. I never scrub both boxes at once, so that there will be one for them to use, at all times.

Buddy and Opie were perfectly content to use the other one but the Queen of All Things had to have HER box. Judging from the size of that puddle, she had been holding it for quite a while!
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Haha funny cats!
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Well, now, you should know that she is the Queen and her needs must be met.

Too funny.
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That is how I know when Georgia sneaks out, she will not go far. She has a bladder the size of a pea, and will only use one box. She will stand at the door and howl to come in and use it.
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HA! Creatures of habit! Just like us humans can be
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IF we had two bathrooms and one of them was temporarily unuseable, I'd use the other one.

Geez - I just realized - the cats have more bathrooms, than WE do!
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