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kev's kitties!!!

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Posting for kev.

This is Brandy.. I love tabbies

And this is Vicki, she has 3 legs

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Beautiful faces! Kev, what happened to Vicki's leg?
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Awwww! What sweeties!
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Kev, your cats are so pretty!
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Very pretty cats, Kev. How old are they?

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First and foremost, I cannot thank you enough for your time in posting my cats for me. Today was hard at work and visiting someone in hospital and I swear, this is the only web site that I cannot wait to view first thing in the morning and most of the evening. Its helping me with depression etc more than you will ever know.

As for my two - Brandy - my tabby - soft as a brush, loves stomach being tickled and have had him since we found him in a field in plastic bag. He was days old.

Vicki, well this little pet has had life very rough. Estimated age 9 years old - was born as far as we know in shelter for cats - was housed and abused, kicked, bones broken etc for years. She was taken back to the RSPCA as people just did not like her.
One day, she went to a new home, they hated her and it was in an apartment block - the owner wanted rid and out she went - from the 6th floor. Her right leg was shattered that bad- they amputated it.
Vicki was messed up big time specially in the head as that affected her - she was homed and brought back and after a year - the RSPCA gave up. She was moved from the housing centre as no one wanted her and she lived in the staff room.

my wife and i already had Brandy, had no intention of any more cats - when we went past the RSPCA shop one day and saw her photo. It just gave her name and a polaroid snap and said Vicki - ps I have only got three legs. We talked it over briefly as we had our son who was only a few months old. We decided against it - however, we walked away and carried on the walk. The following day we were out having a walk when we found ourselves the same way. We looked and said we would enquire.
The shop had had about 20 enquiries, some had been to see her and rejected her as she was vicious - her head messed up. We expressed an interest, took their no and called. The shop keeper had already called the pet shelter and said that there was a young couple who knew what they were doing with cats and were interested. I called and agreed to come over the following morning at 11.00am.
As she could not be homed, the BBC - big TV company - had filmed a section on a show - Pet Rescue or whatever to try and appeal for someone to take her.
At 11.00am I walked in to tortoise hell - there were tortoises having an open day for free where a vet would check these things. I was a bit iffy as not good round reptiles.
I walked to the front desk and introduced my self. I got the look of "another one to reject vicki here".
I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet as well as a pen and asked to see all her documentation.
I was shown what had happened and at the back a signiture was needed by a new owner. I found it, and in front of three staff I signed it - from my wallet i brought out £70.00 fee and a further £30.00 for the shelter and paid them.
The girls were stunned as we had not even seen her yet - but there was no way on gods earth in my mind was that cat spending one more week in there when we had a very loving home to offer and she would stay. I am not a quitter to any cat.
We hit it off immediately, spent an hour having coffee, she sniffed me, gave me a hell of a scratch and drew blood. I picked her up and could not care less that I was bleeding quite nastily. I sat down, stroked her and sat on my lap.
We said good bye an hour later, came back a few days later with a new cat carrier, took her home and shes been ruling us all ever since.
Thats Vicki for you and they had to put a section at the end of the tv show saying she had now found a very loving home.. and thats where she is to this day - given her three excellent and loving years and heres to many more.
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You are such a wonderful person for taking Vicki
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I can say the same thing to you Sicy for the time and effort you put into those photos for me. The last time vicki was seen was on a TV programme begging some one to take her, now she is here shown that she is loved and cared for.
If you look at one of her ears there is a nick in it - thats the result of the world we live in and people that say they love animals that find scissors are fun and they did that to her.
Have not stopped smiling.

men dont snore - we just purr loud
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Kev, I don't know what to say. You're wonderful for taking in Vicki and giving her a great home. And I can imagine she shows her appreciation every day! What a story. My Peaches and Henrietta were badly neglected but nothing like what Vicki went through. Poor kitty. But she's a lucky lady now!
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Vicki looks completely content! How do she and Brandy get along?
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Oh my!!! What a terrifying story with such a beautiful and wonderful ending!

You have touched my heart for taking in Vicki!

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Originally posted by SkyKitty
Oh my!!! What a terrifying story with such a beautiful and wonderful ending!

You have touched my heart for taking in Vicki!


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kev you have this cat rescuer in tears......Thank you for accepting her and despite her physical flaws it is nice to know that someone saw past that and realized what she needed- a home full of love. My hat is off to you and your wife for doing this for her.
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kev, you have two beautiful and very lucky babies.
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Your kitties are beautiful, especially Vicki
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kev it was really no trouble at all to post your pictures. I enjoy helping people. I am just so glad Vicki has a wonderful home now. You really are something special
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Wow Kev! You have touched my heart in a place untouched! You are a wonder!

Your cats are pricless especially Vicky!

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oh my what a story, it brought tears to my eyes, i am so happy for her now, she finally got a good home that she deseverd, i hope she lives a long and wonderful life now, she is a trooper.. and very pretty btw, and so is brandy, you guys are so great for taking her in. thanks for sharing this story, i hope people like you mentioned in this story that were mean to her get their dues some day!!
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Vicki looks completely content! How do she and Brandy get along?
When we bought her home, it was pouring with rain and I brought her into the dining room. I had put Brandy out for a while, I left her in the carrier for a few minutes to take in the air. I made a coffee, my wife and our son went into the lounge and I opened the door to the carrier. Then walked away. I let her find her own feet first. Within the next ten minutes all we heard was the thumps of her walking around the house, then she strolled into the lounge, jumped on my lap and meaowwed as if to say "yup - its good with me - now how about a fuss" and she never really changed.
Brandy came in a while later and naturally, there was some hostillity- however, we figured we would let them sort it out themselves and they spat at each other a bit, sang to each other even more and then just accepted each other and now they share our bed etc. They can often be found playing together or tearing round the house after each other... we just let them get on with it and they seem to have found each other most welcoming.

Sorry if I upset anyone with Vicki's story, however, out of most bad situations something good has to happen. The saying goes as god closes a window, he opens a door - the window closed on vicki's past and a huge door opened at my house - no 6.

Off to work soon - volunteered to work 6 hours overtime and its gonna be hot today - NOT FAIR ... and to make it worse tomorrow is vasectomy day - sniffff.

Have a great day my friends

remember - men dont snore - we purr loud
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Kev- What an angel you are for saving her!! -- I love the pictures, too!!!

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You have two luckey cats.
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Kev, mate. You're a star for taking on poor Vicki. She sounds like a very, very special cat. Your story was touching and beautiful, and I'm so glad there was a happy end for this one cat - so many don't survive the brutality us humans can dish out.

Good luck with the snip tomorrow - I'm sure all will go fine .
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Kev , you and your wife are angel send from heaven . What a Story . Thank you for sharing with all of us .
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Hey Kev,
that's a wonderful thing you did for vicki...she's one fortunate kitty.....and you are on angel sent from above for vicki!!
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Vicki's stories brought tears to my eyes, I am so happy she found a good home. She certainly looks completely happy. She's a lucky girl, both of your cats are.
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