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I'm having a problem with my 6 year old Siamese

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I have had a serious problem with him since I got him as a kitten. I just haven't known what to do, or who to turn to. The Vet says he's healthy, physically.

If hadn't purchased him from a breeder, I would have thought he was a Feral cat, or at least a 2nd generation removed from a feral. For one thing, he is overly agressive in everything he does. He eats agressively, he plays (if you can call what he does playing) agressively, he relates to me, and the other animals in the house agressively, and he's extremely destructive.

When it comes to food, he's seems afraid he won't get enough, and he can't stand to see the other cats eat, so he runs around trying to eat up the food in their dishes, before they can, but he's always watching to make sure they don't go to his dish. I have to watch over things to make sure the other cats can eat - or Shane would eat all of it. By the way, he's huge in size, he weighs about 25 lbs. He's large in size as well as being overweight. If I try to put him on a diet, then he will break into the cubbards and he steals food. He's very intelligent, and there is no closed drawer or cubbard that can stop him.

Probably the most disturbing thing Shane does, is "fits" he has, and I'm not talking about siezures. They're more like temper tantrums. Sometimes he does this when he doesn't get his own way, and sometimes he does this, for no apparent reason to me. What he does, is he starts yowling, and growling, and running from one end the apartment to the other, in what seems to be a cat fight with himself. Sometimes he throws himself into the wall and he is very worked up. I try to calm him, and it works for a second, then he's at it again. When I've been on the telephone with someone, and he starts this up, the person on the other line, will say, "What is THAT?". I'll say, it's just Shane having one of his fits. It sounds terrifying. He's even hurt me once when doing this. I was in bed, and he took a flying leap on top of me, and I guess I turned the wrong way or something, and he clawed me in the eye, and that hurt so badly I could have cried, but I was in such shock. I also couldn't see right for a couple of days. These "fits" he has are actually undescribable, unless you've seen and heard them for yourself.

Then there is the way he treats the other animals. He's accepting of my 17 1/2 year old Siamese, Snoopy, who was here before Shane, but he's not accepting of the 2 year old Persian or my little Pomeranian. He doesn't hurt them, but he has them scared of him. Also, as much as he seems to love my older cat, he does get rough with him, and thus my old cat, doesn't really like Shane to be around him. I don't know if Shane is trying to be the alpha cat, or if my old guy is the alpha cat. My old guy is very mellow, and he has no problem with anyone, except Shane. Shane is even agreesive with me, when he gets on my computer chair, and I gently ask him to get off, and give his a gentle push. He growls and hisses at me, then gets off, and has one of his "fits".

Then there is his destructiveness. You can't have a cat toy, or a cat tree, or a cat scratcher in the house, that hasn't been totally destroyed by Shane. He's not happy just PLAYING with things, he has to destroy them. I have also had to make sure no photographs are left out anywhere, because he tries to eat them, literally.

Amid all of this agression, Shane is totally anti social. I am the only human he will let near him. He hides when people come to my house, and will not come out until they leave.

Is there anything that can be done, to make this cat, a more pleasant member of my household?
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I would recommend two books by Pame Johnson Bennett- Psycho Kitten and Twisted Whiskers. In PK Pam gives a list of flower remedies that you can use to turn around different behavoirs.

I must say you cat does sound very feral, or perhaps a victim of early abuse......
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Shane certainly does sound like he can be scary! If possible, it would be a good idea to have an animal behaviorist visit your house and take a look at Shane and his environment. I think that the behavior you descibe goes well beyond what we can help you with here. If you go to http://www.meowhoo.com you will find a section for animal behavior. I'll add the link in a minute. Perhaps one of these folks can help, or perhaps there is a certified animal behaviorist in your town.

Good luck!
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Here is the link from Meowhoo.com to the behavior consultants. However, if there is an animal behaviorist in your town, I think that is the way to go.
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Thanks, I'll check into those books and the behavorists. I don't know if a behavorist could actually get near Shane, if he or she came to my house.

I don't for the life of me, know why he acts this way. I've never abused him. I don't know what happened to him, before I got him, but the people I bought him from seemed to be very nice.

I've been going thru this for almost 6 years. At first I tried to get the people who sold him to me, to take him back, because he was exhibiting this crazy behavior right from the beginning. They assured me, he was just precosious (sp). That was and understatment, to say the least.

I've thought about trying to find him a home, where he would be free - out in the country or some place like that, but I don't think anyone would put up with him. He's a beautiful boy, and it's sad, because I don't think he's happy, and he seems to be making all the other animals unhappy, in my home.

He does seem to love me, and he's the happiest, when I let him come into the bathroom with me. (I am a smoker, and I smoke in the bathroom, because I don't want to give my animals, especially, my elderly cat, 2nd hand smoke.) However, if I let Shane come in the bathroom, he's totally loving, and happy. It's his BIG special treat or something. He also sleeps with me, always, and he's happy in bed with me. But when that wild behavior starts taking hold of him, we all just have to sit calmly, and let him get it out of his system.
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You might also consider having him to a specialist for a neurological work-up. He could have fallen from a distance when he was a kitten and damaged his brain. I did not in any way mean that you abused him, I just deal with abused cats and kittens and he has all the tendencies of one who has been abused.
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