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Hey ladies, and gentlemen too, if you're interested?
I was just watching the news, and there was a segment (not an infomercial) on Nads Hair Removal system!:laughing2
It seems this product is Australian, was named after the inventors daughter Nadine, and has proven to be Very efective and safe.

But get this...they were saying how its chemical free, then went on to name the ingredients...all 4 of them... Get a pencil...ready?..okay...

1. Honey
2. Molasses
3. Lemon Juice
4. Vinegar

Thats it.
Gotta go now, I'm off to the kitchen to either smooth up my legs, or marinade some chicken!

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Yep, we got some, and the first thing my sister and I did was stick our fingers in it and take a taste. They do that on the informercial BTW.
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Oh you girls do make me laugh :LOL:
Indeed when I first did this to myself I used a homemade concoction of more or less the same ingredients and when I accidentaly(sp??) licked my fingers it was acually sweet and sour.
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AP, Deb25, Blue; You have to read this thread. It solves the age-old problem of How to Smooth the Bikini Area and What's for Dinner all in the same jar!!! It's a shame you can't reuse the "used wax" as the Bar-B-Que sauce !!!! (I guess you could; if you don't mind "FURRY PORK STEAKS"
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(blue....I wish I had some of those vomiting icons right now!!!)

isn't it enought that I lick my legs clean after using NADS?
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LMAO!!! you guys are a riot!!

for you Colby:
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thank you Katie!

if I remember right, you had like 3 or 4 really great, graphic ones that made me giggle.
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alright, alright, but if i get in trouble with Anne, i'm blaming you!!!

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I was so hoping you would post them!!!!
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I love the 2 guys that just keep puking on each other! I'm transfixed by them!
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SIMPLE MINDS are so easily "Entertained". . . . . . .

(I'm going back to my "BED") _V_
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I have a mental picture here of being at the grill and alternately basting the chicken and the stubble.
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or perhaps basting the chicken with stubble?
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I don't care if it's the inventor's daughter or not. Is anyone getting an even worse mental picture from the name of this product?

I'd ask my daughter to bring some home from Australia with her, but they're not allowed to bring food into the country!
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I do have to say, I use nads and I really like it. it's the best alternative to waxing that I've found & it's not as painful. I still can't stand it on my legs & I'm still trying to screw up the courage to buy that one thing (can't remember the name of it right now) with the pain reduction technology.

although all this talk of basting meats with used nads may turn me off of nads forever.
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Where do you even buy this stuff? Do you use it like a wax? I need some input here.
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it's like a wax in the way you apply & rip it off, but it's not something you heat, so it doesn't irritate the skin, and you can wash it off, so you aren't 'married' to ripping it off where ever you've put it, and if you get somewhere accidently you don't have to pull it off. it really does work well. i find it hurts less than waxing. I actually use it for my upper lip & chin :dali: because I'm paranoid about unsightly hair.
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Ok, I get it. This reminds me of the homemade concoction I tried once. Maybe I'll invest.
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Hey I just thought of something!

Cleo, you said that you were going to marinade chicken in it? Well, you know how when you buy chicken legs at the store and you see fine little hairs on them. You could use the Nads to get rid of the chicken's unsightly hair THEN marinade it!! Better yet, I hear the skin of the chicken is very fattening. You can use Nads to get the skin off too, like it did when I used it on my legs!!!

Excuse me now while I go chase after my Sphynx MooShoo. I see some unsightly hair on his upper lip. Heeeeeerrrreeee kitty, kitty, kitty

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Donna, you leave that poor kitty alone...that mustache is part of MooShoo's charm!

Hey wait...isn't MooShoo a kind of Chinese food entree? I'm not liking where this is going here.....

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Stop it there I can't breathe propoerly I nearly died laughing and I have a stomach ache!!!!!
Blue the pukies are so cool!
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Well, that was funny, but made me nasueous again :tounge2:

Actually, I've been using the homemade formula of a sugar and lemon concution for years. There was this beautician that does house calls in Tel Aviv that I was with. She used to bring a pot and cook it at your home and then use it on you. It's used in a slightly different way than wax, so it's best to let someone else do it for you.

I'm back to shaving, now that I'm not in Tel Aviv . I am definitely looking into a lazer treatment after I'm over the pregnancy. Anyone has any experience with that?
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The only laser treatment I have had is on my eyes. I can see a lot better, and I will admit that my eyeballs are not hairy.

(Oh man, that was bad.)
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Hairy eyes...haven't had those since the "morning after" a few weeks ago...needed a crowbar just to get 'em open...then wished I hadn't bothered Come to think of it, I could've used some Nads for my tongue that morning too! ]
Think I'll stick with being BEHIND the bar, feel better the next day, and my wallet looks fatter too!

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Oh Deb25!

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I guess I shouldn't be here, huh?

Well, take this anyway. . . .
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Blue!!! I love your pukey guys!!!! And Deb...yep the name brought up a bad image in my mind the first time I saw the commmercial, also...
And Cleo.....I got such a kick out of your last post....needed some nads for your tounge too, huh? So I take it your tounge felt kinda furry!!! Hey, Ive been there! Can't say it's fun, though....especially when the headache comes with it!
I got a kick out reading this whole thread!!! You guys are hilarious!!!
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