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A new dog

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Our new addition Maverick. He's a 3 year old fawn Great Dane. He came into rescue a year and a half ago. He went to a couple homes where he had some problems with tasting humans. We've taken him in to prevent him being put to sleep. We've dealt with a dog with the same issues (even worse).

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Very handsome dog. I hope you have success in dealing with his "tasting" problem!
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What a gorgeous guy he is, and very lucky someone like you came into his life!
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He is a beauty..a big couch potato. With patience, his manners can be controlled.
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He's cute
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Owning a Great Dane is on my bucket list someday. They have the best dispositions and I big dogs! My Malamute was the runt in his litter and is around 80-85 lbs and I was disappointed that he didn't push 100
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He is STUNNING!! Love the ears.

We had a Great Dane when we were growing up, her name was Figi and she was just awesome
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He's a handsome boy and I love his ears!

Good luck with rehabilitating him! I know it can be done.
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Daww! He's such a cutie! And I love the mismatched ears!
Good for you for taking him in! Good luck with his issues!

And what is it with Danes and sleeping so oddly? I think they are part cat lol
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He is gorgeous! It seems like the TCS members who have dogs usually have great danes... or is it just me?
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