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Please Help! My cat has twisted a toe badly!

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Hi everyone, I have a cat with a similar problem as this one had here:

But its slightly different, its on his back right foot and it looks as if the equivalent of his thumb is bent up and over the top of his paw.

imagine if your thumb was sort of broken or out of its "socket" or something and it was bent and resting on the top part of your hand.

There's no other signs of damage and it doesn't seem to hurt him to touch it, (hes been licking it a lot and sort of biting at the toenail/claw thats sort of pointing straight up) but he is limping, avoiding putting any weight on the foot, and sitting a little funny.

Any one know what might be wrong? any help would be greatly appreciated.
- Lee
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Lee, I know this is probably not the answer you want to hear, but you have to take your kitty to the vet. All these signs you described are signs of pain - put that on the top of the fact that cats don't really demonstrate pain easily... This cat must be in some serious pain...
When did this happen?
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Thank you for the quick reply.

He came limping in about 1 hour ago so it hasnt been long.

I figured I would probably have to take him to the vet but since its 9pm now and its the weekend and im a bit low on funds, i was wondering if there was anything i might be able to do...

it looks bad but im not sure if its broken or not since it didnt seem to hurt him that much just to touch it so i was wondering what could possibly be wrong with it...
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heres a picture i took with my phones crummy camera.

It's hard to see but that toe is completely bent over the top of his paw instead of sitting down with the other ones...
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Oh boy... That looks seriously broken... I am sorry you are low in funds, but you will have to take your kitty to the vet... Not sure what they will do in there... Maybe amputate that little toe? Poor guy Please take him...
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aw i hope they dont have to amputate it

i will take him in, thanks for your replies.
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Ouch, ouch if that was you would you not want someone to take you to hospital? Please take him, many vets now let you pay a bit off at a time, just explain when you get there.x
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Care credit is on spot approval(online too-once approved they vet can look you up if needed before card comes) maybe an option. it may end up being easily fixed or amputated . Be upfront you want to help but very limited and call the shelters to see if any have low cost vet care.

a neutered cat will roam less and and indoor cats even safer and alot less injuries/money. could have been his life your lucky!
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That looks serious! You have to take him to the vet.
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There are many vets who sometimes have regular hours on Saturday. Your usual vet many not, but there are some who do. What if you called around to a few to see if they have regular hours on a Saturday? It may be worth a shot to avoid an emergency vet visit, and avoid incuring emergency vet prices.
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thanks for all the replies.

since today is sunday here and a lot of vet services are not available today i think i will have to take him in tomorrow. hope hes ok untill then

thanks for the replies, appreciate it a lot
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Originally Posted by chitao View Post
thanks for all the replies.

since today is sunday here and a lot of vet services are not available today i think i will have to take him in tomorrow. hope hes ok untill then

thanks for the replies, appreciate it a lot

Surely if you looked you'd find a Vet clinic that was open today? Even call your regular clinic and see what directions they give on their voicemail message in terms of where to go/who to contact in the case of 'after hours' or emergency issues. I can't imagine waiting all weekend to have a kitty with this obvious issue seen. Cats are notorious for hiding their pain and your kitty could be in a great deal of pain. Your cat is counting on your to take good care of him and get him the proper vet attention he needs. If you're low on funds, borrow from a friend or family member. Nobody said that owning a cat was going to be a cheap or free undertaking. If a person doesn't have the funds to seek proper Veterinary care/assessment when their cat is clearly injured, sorry but they shouldn't have a cat to begin with.....that's just not being a responsible, conscientious cat owner. Your cat deserves more.
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Oh my, that is a serious broken toe, the poor baby. Must have got the toe caught somehow????!!!! These things always seem to happen on the weekends..... but the cat needs to be seen ASAP. Please keep us posted. for you kitty
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yeah i will definitely be taking him to see someone tomorrow morning. His toe is actually looking slightly better than it was yesterday, it still looks like its broken but instead of being bent over the top of his paw on a funny angle, its now just pointing straight up, a long side his other toes.

Thanks for all the replies and inputs, i will do everything i can to get the best possible treatment for him, regardless of cost.
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Aww, hope your boy is ok!
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I know what you're going through in terms of worrying about your cat and your limited funds- I just went through the same thing with my cat Mackerel.. but honestly, I know people have said the same thing already, you need to get your cat to a vet asap. Seriously 100% asap - this looks very very very painful, and I wouldn't want to leave my cat in agony any longer than I had to. :-S

Plus am I right everyone in thinking that the longer this is left untreated the harder it will be to fix it without permanent damage? Or at least it's more likely to need amputation (not cheap!). It's better to take the cat in now rather than having to possibly pay more for more extensive treatment later, caused by not taking the cat in quickly.
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I'm glad his toe is looking better, and it's good you are taking him to the vet
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Batman has returned safe and sound from the vet.

Took him in yesterday morning (monday) for a consult ($50 NZD) and they told me it was a badly dislocated toe. They said they might be able to relocate it which could cost about $150- $200 NZD, but if they were unable to relocate the toe then it would have to amputated at a cost of around $400-$500.

They had to keep him in over night and try to do the relocation in the morning.

Having already paid $50 for the consult I was expecting to have to pay $200-$250 all up, or much, much more if it had to be amputated.

When I called them in the morning they told me that they had successfully relocated the toe and not only were they not going to charge me for the overnight stay, they said that the $50 I had already paid for the consult would go towards the $120 (!) for the relocation so I only had to pay another $70!

Very happy with the result, hes walking around fine as if it never happened and the toe looks perfectly normal now.

Thanks heaps for all the replies from everyone, greatly appreciate it.

- Lee
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So glad everything went well! Fantastic. Your vet sounds like a champ- it's always nice when you can count on them to help you as much as they can.
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That's great news! I'm so glad that Batman is ok now
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I'm so glad Batman is better now! I'm so glad you took him in and it sounds like you have a great vet.
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Ouch, poor Batman, that must have been a painful experience at the vet!! So glad he is back home and happy now with the re-set toe I am sure he feels good as new
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Awww I am so glad that Batman is ok and it didn't cost you a fortune.x
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Great news about Batman! Your vet sounds wonderful! What a happy ending to his toe problem!
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I have litteraly the exact problem and it happened today... But Im only 12 and I can't do much, My parents have work and can't get him to the vet until after its closed until next week... hes an outdoor cat... What should I do?

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Your parents could probably drop your cat off in the morning and pick him up after work if that is possible.

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I have a cat who had a dislocated toe. Took him to emergency vet who put it back and strapped it and went to follow up appts they told me it was really good but now he has a hard lump on the side of the foot which isn't on the other foot. What is this and what do I do. He is happy and it doesn't seem to hurt to touch
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