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Obsessed with my hair

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Calvin has recently been obsessed with my hair. He wants to eat it. And if I tie it up, he tries to eat off my scalp - and there is some pain involved there. I try to keep the kitties' nails trimmed but it still does hurt sometimes. I have tried "no" and "ouch" which work for other stuff but not this one. Is there anything I can do to my hair to make it less delectable?
Would my next move be to blow a puff of air on his face or hissing?
Would appreciate any inputs.
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I wish I had an answer for you! Our little Jazzy does the same thing to my hair. She has always been a kisser though, so maybe that has something to do with it!
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Does he only try to eat it, or scratch it?
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He wants to eat it or chomp on it. He has not been able to actually bite through it since I do not let him continue but it is a struggle. The pain on the scalp is inflicted when my hair is tied up and he wants to free it.
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Hannah does this! It freaked me out at first, but I found out that she's trying to groom me and claim me as "hers". I always allow her to lick my hair a little bit, but then I stop her. I'm afraid she's going to get a piece of my hair and it won't pass.
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Midnight will do that every so often, if I'm holding him on my shoulders he'll begin eating my hair. Or if I have my hair pulled back he'll grab it with his paws, and try to play with it. It's annoying. I just take him off my shoulder and hold him in my arms.
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OMG Perla is obsessed with human hair, and I have alot of curly hair and she does the same thing. In the middle of the night, I am woken up by her chomping, clawing and biting at my scalp and hair!!!! I just push her away but it hasn't stopped her. She will come and do the same thing when I am sitting on the couch. It really doesn't bother me, because when I push her away she stops for the time being. I guess you could try putting perfume in your hair?? Pipsqueak hates perfume and if he was a hair chomper that would work for him, I guess I could try this with Perla, but she is such a "girl", she might like perfume
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Oh Ok, so this is not too uncommon. I try to remove him from the vicinity of my hair whenever I can. I do not know if purfume will be the right solution for me since I do not like strong smell. I was hoping to see if I can find something citrusy - I use Aveda hair products (when can afford ) - will head over when I can and see if I find something.
I will take his obsession as "Calvin me"
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Oh this is too funny. Shelly is OBSESSED with our hair - both DH and I - after we shower.

Also, when I had really long hair, Shelly would "dig" a nest in it and sleep on it next to me. NOW what he does in the middle of the night when I'm asleep and he wants snuggles, is he bites and pulls at my hair until I wake up and snuggle him. I KNOW I should be ignoring him, but he just keeps coming back, and if I want sleep, it's easiest to just give in.

Flowerbelle also does this, but she does it purely to be annoying because she wants water given to her out of a bottle cap. (When she was first home with us and so ill, we fed her in bed, carried her to the litter box, and gave her water out of a bottle cap. She LOVES the attention of drinking "her" water out of a bottle cap. ). I blow in her face, but we can do this for 1/2 an hour or more. She is intensely persistent! Like Shel, I usually just give in and give her the water. (Keep a bottle on my bedside table).

Re: Shelly, I tried changing the conditioner I use, but that didn't help. And I have too many allergies to try the perfume idea, though that's a good idea.
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I was going to post about this today!!!!!
My blind cat Billy is obsessed w/ my hair....seriously, it is bad. He sleeps between DH and I. Snuggled into a little ball under the covers between us. Unfortunately, he also wakes up in the middle of the night often and so do a stinging in the back of my head, and the loudest purr ever, mixed with the snorting sound Billy makes while eating.
I wear my hair up most the day, so at night I leave it down. if my back is to Billy, I will wake up numerous times to him using a paw to pull my hair back towards him, and then hear his snorting (hard to describe sound) as he begins to devour my poor hair. It is funny, but not really something I like to be woken up to!
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It also may be your shampoo and condtioner. Many of the fresh scent ones have a base scent of oil of thyme which can attract the cat to your hair; I know mine don't much care since I switched to something with strawberry as the base scent. I had to also stop using apple scent as the horses loved it too much.
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