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Here's Lazlo again - sleeping! He's such a cute sleeper, LOL (IMO )
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Originally posted by LDG
Aw Kim, Boo Boo sure was cute and looks like he was such a sweetie!!!!!!
Thanks Laurie - He was a giant. He weighed 32 pounds and lived for 16 years. Our vet swore that BooBoo was cross bred with a Florida wild cat. Boo Boo was a lap cat, too -- talk about cutting the circulation in your legs off, whew!!

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Awwww!! Lazlo is sleeping with Easter Bunny paws - LOL!! I just want to hug him!!
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Wow Kim! How'd you do it? Sheldon is our largest boy - and he's only about 16 pounds. He's long and lanky - and he is one lapful of cat, even for hubby!!!!! A 32 pound lap cat? That's a lap lion!
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i thought that was your leg when i first looked at the pic. haha go philly!
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Here is Cleo
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Here is my Tabby, TOBY.
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Here is Tigger, my very shy boy. He will be 8 in October and is the littermate of my Tuxedo Eight-ball. His sister Molly looks just like him and lives with our neighbors. He is a former feral who has always been comfortable with only me. He surprised us last night when he crawled on top of my husband and allowed him to pet him for the first time in about 7 years. Here's to Tigger coming out of his shell!
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Yay Tigger!! Beautiful kitties, everyone! Here's my Kayla:

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Is my silver-blue-cream tabby (she has all those colors)! She is 3 yrs old and was feral. I trapped her at approx 5 months old. Now she is a perfect pet and loving little furrdear![IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Holly on fur rug.jpg[/IMG]
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This is my new furrbabie CindySue. I picked her up saturday when she was 8 weeks old. She is brown tabby.
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Ohhhh Cindy Sue! She looks like trouble waiting to happen, and with her cuteness, will probably get away with it! LOL
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cute tabbies!!! a little late on posting mine
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