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Did anyone watch Animal Precinct tonight?

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It is a new series on Animal Planet, following some Animal Abuse Control officers around New York. I didn't know if I was going to be strong enough to watch it and had a box of kleenix around just in case. And the kleenix was needed. They rescued this one poor kitty whose owner *punished* it for scratching him by holding its face over an open jet of flame! There was a man who intentionally starved a german shepherd pup to death, and it was heart wrenching, yet rewarding to see the bast**** arrested and charged for thier heinous acts.
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Since I don't have cable television I can't watch that program. But I'm glad to know there are at least some law-enforcement people working to stop animal abuse, or at least punish those who commit such crimes. Would that there were more officers engaged in that pursuit everywhere! Thank you for the report.

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I've been looking forward to this program for awhile. It's nice to see that in some cities, people do things about animal cruelty. When we found Moby, a 6 month old white boxer who had been starved, we called the number the spca has on their commercials to report cruelty and they said there was nothing they could do.
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There's something the matter with too many organizations which supposedly work to mitigate against cruelty to animals. And, my guess is it has to do with money.

Many, many people (myself included) have been rudely awakened over the years by the lack of help available via such organizations. Here in Portland, the Humane Society can't kill animals fast enough. Great Britain's R.S.P.C.A. is constantly criticized for having a do-nothing attitude.

Yet, huge sums of money are spent by publicity firms in creating warm and fuzzy public images of these organizations via the media of communication. And, nearly all so-called animal-aid agencies have upper-management and board types who receive attractive salaries.

Sadly, we're living in an era of appearances. Substance has taken a back seat. And animals are the worse for it.

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I only watched the last parts of it when they rescued a horse and another died at the hands of its owners. I also got to see the part of the man who put his cat over the flames. Its about time that people paid attention to animal cruelty. I wish they put the program on a national network such ash ABC or NBC. Or even Fox. And I wish there are more states that do this, not just New York.
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I watched it also. I was very angry and upset for that poor kitty who had his face put to the flame for scratching. It seems to me that would make his behavior even worse towards the owner. Well, the little kitty won't have to worry about it anymore because her owner was punished. It was very sad about the dog being starved to death. The other dogs weren't getting good treatment in that home either and I'm glad they removed all the other animals from the house. Those dogs were so cute after they were taken to the ASPCA vet and groomers and taken care of properly. Did you see how tight the collars were on them. It think every place should have a team of people like that working for the defenceless animals that get abused everyday.
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Erk!!!! another thing that gets me mad is the poor kittens in the man with the starved dog's house. If the rescuers wouldn't have been there the cats would have just continued to breed generations and generations of abused kitties. And I bet that he would get mad at the cats for reproducing all the time.
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When I watched that show, I didn't cry I just got angry seeing people who seem to put little value on an animals life. One of the best parts was when they went into the housing complex and saw the dog was being very underfed and when they went back the lady had been feeding it and treating it better then she originally was!
I agree I wish there were animal precincts like that in every state!
I bet there wouldn't be so much animal cruelty and killing if there were. I for one would volunteer to be one! would enjoy seeing a**h**es going to jail for doing horrible things to animals! and believe me I would see each and EVERY case through to the end!
I can't wait to see the show next Tues!
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showing reruns of it tonight *l*
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I tend bar at a neighborhood tavern, and had this show on the other night.
I seriously expected my male customers to complain and yell "Turn on ESPN!"...not so!

My "hardcore tough guys" sat transfixed to the tube, appalled and disgusted by the scenes they depicted.
Many of them discussed their pets during the show, and I learned a lot about my "regulars".

During a commercial, one guy went outside and came back in with his dog, a Lab/Shepherd mix, and said he felt bad leaving her out in the van! Although it's against the law, I let "Lucky" stay awhile .

Although the show sickened and angered me, I think it's a real "eye opener" for many, and it's nice t see justice being brought to many of these awful people!

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I marvel at the self control of the police officers in these cruelty cases involving helpless animals and children. Knowing that the courts will probably throw the case out or give the sob a token fine it must be very tempting to have him shot resisting arrest. I don't know if I could resist.
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Hissy.....what night and time is this on? I get animal planet here, and I would like to check it out...but I too think I will have a box of kleenex handy....I may not even be able to watch it all. It makes me so sad and andry to see animals abused like that.
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