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i just love pictures.. so stop me if I'm posting too many!!

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I'm certainly not complaining! I love these pics! He's a cutie pie! If you can find black & white covering for a cat tree, let me know where...that's a really neat idea.
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Here's Oreo again with his best buddy:
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Here are two babies rescued last year. Their mom had them here, but she died from complications at birth and we raised them and re-homed them-
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Awwwwww, cute!
When I was at the pet supply store the other day there was a little tuxedo kitten in the shelter cats up for adoption area. She was SO CUTE! Sleek & beautiful with a little black nose just like Sylvestra, and so sweet...she stared at me & mewed, and started pawing at me for attention ...it was SO HARD not to take her home with me! The ones at home would have been less than thrilled, though. Oh, well.
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Here's my little Black and White Bi-colored Persain, Stanley. I swear that boy, won't let me get a good picture of him, the little stinker.
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Originally posted by tuxedokitties
Here's Oreo again with his best buddy:
That's a really sweet photo and Oreo is such an adorable name for a cat. I never realized that "tuxedokitties" is a reference to the black and white. -just figured it out now. I've never heard that expresion before, but it's so cute.
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Your Boy is a cutie Hope
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Originally posted by sandra
Your Boy is a cutie Hope
Thanks, I wish he would open his eyes in a photo, because he has the hugest eyes, and they're such a pretty amber color.
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My roomate has a tuxedo cat named Tiger... I wish I had a scanner so I could post a pic of her and Patches.
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A recent picture of Ivo

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Hope, your Stanley is cute! I love Ivo, too - so sleek!

Tybalt, Tracey is so handsome! He has the beautiful striking coloring & glossy coat - that's what I love about the tuxedos, plus they have great personalities. My vet says that black & white males are almost always friendly and affectionate - he thinks it's a color-linked trait. I hope he finds a home soon!
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I saw this ages ago, but no Black and White kitty thread should be without it, its so cute :

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I just love this thread! I've got a big soft spot for black and white kitties, and all of these are beautiful.

Tess - how sweet of you to think of my Ophelia! Just made my day. Thanks for posting her pic Laurie.

But since I have an excuse to show off my pretty Baby Doll, I will.

Here she is laying like the prissy kitty she is:

She was not quite 5 months old here:

She does love to snuggle! OK, sometimes. Usually with Daddy, but Trent works too. She just likes to sleep on me.

You can really see how tiny she is! Trent is probably about a 12 pound cat, for comparison.

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Ohhh.. that picture of Trent hugging Ophelia is just too sweet!
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Here is my B&W Eight-ball. We call him goof-ball....he's just a little nutty guy, gets over zealous with his lovin sometimes...he'll knock any and all cats off your lap to be the one closest to me. He's actually very sweet tempered and is the king of grooming the other cats.
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Every single picture in this thread has put a BIG GRIN on my face...LOL!! These black and white babies are too sweet!!!!

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Originally posted by kimward34
Every single picture in this thread has put a BIG GRIN on my face...LOL!! These black and white babies are too sweet!!!!


Anyone have more pics?
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Awww very cute pics!!!
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This is Angel who I trapped (feral) and her gorgeous babies (6). When they were 5 weeks old I took them to the Vet for checkup. They all had FELv. But, I wanted to show them to you for they are in my heart forever.[IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Black&[/IMG]
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I love all the kitty pictures here since I last replied to this thread! Especially that meowing one of Spot!!!!! Awwwww! So Cute!

My Nana ( Who I live with) has a black & white persian ( correct wording, Black Bi-color) called Eve.. I'll try and take pics of her, and my step dad who I go and visit often , well his flatmate has two of the most gorgeous black bicolor DSH one's called Bunter and ones called BJ ( Bunter Junior) they are so loveable

black/white kitties rule!
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My vet found a 10-12 week old tuxedo female kitten in their parking lot 6 days ago. They are pressing for me to take her home. Another person wants to adopt her and put her out in their barn - that person doesn't have a good history of neutering her cats.

I picked her up and she immediately grabbed my face and started licking it anywhere I allowed her to, all the while purring like there was no tomorrow. She has been quarantined for 6 days and they are running all the FIV/FeLV/etc tests today.

I'm thinking that she could be a wonderful playmate of Koko - they appear to have very similar personalities, and Koko is a little much for the adult cats (and her brother) to handle.

P.S. My vet is evil - they can clearly the "S" on my forehead for "sucker".
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I see....in the future...another black & white cat for momofmany!

Time to grow bangs to hide that big S! That tuxedo kitten sounds like a total sweetheart! (aren't they all, though? don't think I've ever seen a tux that wasn't a love bug)

*hey, I just noticed Muddy Waters & Koko Taylor! Do you have a Blind Pig record collection? You could call the new girl Buddy Gal!

Tybalt, I hope someone adopts Traci soon. She is strikingly beautiful.
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I'm from Chicago originally, and yes, have a lot of the blind pig recordings. The alligator label is also pretty good. I've seen both Muddy Waters and Koko Taylor live more than once in concert. Our kitten Muddy could actually be considered a tuxedo, as he has a patch of white on his belly and a little grey under his chin. We're pondering names for the little tuxedo girl, and thinking around rock star names: The blues had a baby and named it rock and roll.

IF we bring her home, I'll open a thread with her pic and have a "name that kitty" contest over the weekend. We could all have a fun time with that!
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Tinka is a feral kitty, I trapped 3 years ago when she was about 5 mos. old. She is a sweetheart even tho' you do not touch her. She will lick your fingers and that's all you get! But, she adds so much to my team of 8 just to be able to look at her! She's like a ceramic decoration, just for looks LOL.[IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Tinka Sitting[/IMG] [IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Tinka Sitting.jpg[/IMG]
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Ahhhhhh...Tinka looks like my Eight-ball! What a darling!!

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So do I adopt the tuxedo kitten?
YES!!! Of course, how could you pass up such a sweetie pie
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Or,we will just never speak to you again!!! LOL
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Well alrighty then! I'll make sure she passed her tests today and pick her up at 9:30 CST tomorrow morning. I'll have a pic posted by noon CST and get the naming contest started!

My husband has given up on my need to adopt out any abandoned kitty....he won't be a problem! hehehehehehehehehe

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Well, the little Tuxedo girl was negative on her FIV/FeLF/etc tests, but has both ear mites and ringworm. The vet has started treatment on her, and will be keeping her until she has a clean bill of health. I'm not comfortable bringing in those 2 problems into my household right now - all of my cats are generally healthy and don't want to have those problems spread thru the house.

So....they were thinking about another week of treatment.....
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