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This is my other kitty, Puffycat, or Puffy for short. He is so fluffy, and quite 'well-rounded' in the tummy department. He's not really very cuddly, but as I told him when we first got him, looking like he does, he really has no choice...consequently I snuggle him a lot, and he ends up looking totally fed up !
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and another !
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Wendy is a beautiful cat
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Lovely lovely black & whites!

Here's one of my favorite photos of Oreo:
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Mr. Underfoot

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They ALL look so snuggly. Tess - I was wondering when you were going to join the thread, LOL!
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Thank you guys she is a sweety but she could be fresh to but mostly sweet she is my baby i love her so much thank you again

And eveyones cat is beutiful toooo
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Couldn't resist! Dial-up is running VERY slow today, but all these lovely pictures are worth it!
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see my siggies.. This is Tavish the EIghtBall..
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OMG you actually really do have 4 tuxedo kitties!!

They are all so pretty.
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Here's my tuxedo baby, Ivo, being a flirt...
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And here Ivo is, being silly on her kitty condo...
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All of these black and white babies are too cute!
Christy - I love the look on Ivo's face!! LMAO!!
Frisky Feline - Eightball looks like a big handsome boy!!!

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hee hee! yep, four tuxedos! Thanks! You have to look twice in my house to see who's trying to trip you - looks like Laurie is probably familiar with that too! Felixia came along first, abandoned by a neighbor who moved away w/o her - poor thing had terrible teeth & was living out of a dumpster. Then Sylvestra & Mr. Underfoot were born to a stray under the porch - part of a litter of 5, they were the last ones left and I got too attached & couldn't give them up. Oreo belongs to my husband - he had a black & white cat too so I couldn't pass him up!

These black & whites are all so pretty - I love the shiny tuxedos - Ivo just glows, and the interesting markings on the black & whites! All of you have beautiful cats! My vet says that in his experience black & whites are usually very affectionate.

Kim, you should enter Spot in the Caption This! I love Hissy's "fetching" picture.

Hope, I want to see your furbaby!
Heidi, where are you with Ophelia?
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Sylvestra again
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Found a goofy pic of Felixia taken 10 years ago...she hasn't changed a bit!

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AWWW,I just signed up yesterday. I also got my black&white kitty 2days ago. I've never seen a black&white kitten before,and those pictures of everyone elses cats are so pretty! Maemae looks like my little Patrick. I was originaly wanting a girl,but somehow I was drawn to Patrick,still don't know why... He is only 5wks. I cant waite till he gets bigger. I love grown cats just as much as kittens....Ok,its not as cute as the ones in my recent post...but all I could get of him....My other pic's are in my new post in the newcomer/new kitty section.
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He's adorable!
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Tess, Heidi had the nerve to leave on vacation!!!!! And a long one!!!!!! She's not back until next week! Heidi - I hope you're having fun!!!!!!

But.... I don't think she'd mind if I posted a pic of her BEAUTIFUL Ophelia in her absence. I grabbed this off of the www.savesamoa.org site.

Here's her cutie:
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...and I couldn't resist putting up another pic of MaeMae... I love her markings!!!!
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me and roxy
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I LOVE HER!!!!! HER NOSE IS TOO CUTE!!!! But we can't see you!!!!!!

Here's our goofy Shel again.... This is right around holiday time last Xmas/New Years... he looks like he must have found the eggnog or something!!!!!
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Sheldon's adorable too!! Black and white kitties are my favorite..

When I first saw roxy I thought his nose looked stupid but now I think it's sooo precious. I'll tell him u said he's cute, it'll add to his already inflated ego..
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Whoever can find Spot wins a prize, LMAO!!

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Lol how cute When (if) I build a cat tree, I'm planning on making the landings either cow or zebra print.. so roxy can blend in.. He really likes to hide but usually he's not very good at it


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I love black and white kitties! Kim, that picture of spot is too cute! I love it!
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I wanted to let you know everyones cats are so so adorable
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LMAO! Thanks guys! Spot was pretty ticked off that I woke him up for that "Camo" shot... He had a look on his face like, "Get lost lady!" LOL!!

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Great pics! Laurie, thanks for posting Heidi's baby. MaeMae is just precious, and Shel looks like a true Tux personality!
Anna, your Roxy is adorable...his nose is a lot like my Oreo's.
Kim, your Spot pic is priceless! LMAO! Where did you find that bed? Or is it a blanket?

Here's Oreo in his not-quite-camoflage:
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