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Vet giving bad advice

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I was talking on the phone to a woman from cat rescue about a stray that needs a home and that I live in a mobile home park. She said that is quite a coincedence because she just talked to another lady that called about a stray cat and said her vet told her to just dump it at a mobile home park!!!!! This does seem to be a dump site because it is gated from the street and 150 homes inside her.
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Wow I can't believe a vet would tell someone that. That's sick.
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I think I would find me a new Vet because of a remark like that.
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Her VET told her to dump it at a mobile home park??????

Are these not the people we trust to take the very best care of our pets when they need help????? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

I hope someone turns this vet in....although it probably cannot be proven that he told her to do that. How sad is that???
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that is really sickening . I also would change my Vet
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That's very sad, not just for the fact that it is bad advice, but it sounds like this person shouldn't be a vet. I am a nurse, and when I graduated nursing school and passed my boards, I was astonished to meet (and work with) nurses who hated taking care of patients and really didn't care; to them, it was just a job. Granted, they are a minority when compared to the number of nurses, and most nurses aren't like that, but just realizing that some did exist was an unpleasant eye-opener.
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Unbelievable. And from a Vet
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If my vet told me that or ANY vet told me that I would be on the phone reporting them to the ASPCA or someone!!!!!

Surely there is a governing body that he can and SHOULD be reported to.
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IF he did indeed say it and there were witnesses to the effect, he should be held accountable for it. But give him the benefit of the doubt and perhaps he did not say it? Maybe this woman has another issue with this vet and is trying to stir up trouble and make him lose business? Just my $.02
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