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F2 (Foundation) Bengals

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Does anyone on here have experience with the foundation bengals? The breeder who has Chester, just had a litter of F2 (2 generations away from the Asian Leopard Cat) bengals: 2 boys and 1 girl, that I am going to go see on Thursday. I am seriously thinking of putting a deposit down on one. I have done my research on foundation bengals. For instance, I have read that f1 begnals and F2-F3's have problems using the litterbox, and go wherever they choose! But, if I bring one home around 8 weeks, and train it, shouldnt it be fine? THe breeder is bottle feeding the 2 kittens right now, because the F1 mother isn't a good mother. Would like some opinions. I believe I can train a kitten. Doesn't it also depend on the environment where the kittens come from?
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IMO you are thinking of buying a wild animal. I understand the people who breed them are trying to produce a cat a little closer to the wild cats. You need to be prepared for anything if you buy a kitten. They took a long time to get into a show ring because they were tearing the judges up. They are only showable at 4th to 5th generation..what does that tell you. Good luck in your decision.
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Hi Tigger,

My answer to your question depends upon your purposes for the kitten.

If this kitten is meant to be a household pet, then my opinion is that you might be biting off a bit more than you want to chew.

However, if your goal is to start a breeding program, then this might very well be a wonderful way to start.

No matter your purposes, this kitten is going to require a large committment of both time and patience on your part. Unless you are absolutely certain you want to do this, there are a lot of breeders with Bengals out there a little further removed than F2 that may be a better match for your home.

Best of luck,

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Of course this is your decision, but you are talking about a wild cat, not a domestic and whether it is 8 weeks old or not, the wild remains in the cat. Lion and Tiger cubs are cute, but grow up to be what nature intended them to be, wild cats. If you are looking for a pet for your home, please look into the pet Bengals, fifth generation - they have been bred to be more domestic.

As for using the litterbox - Persians are real domestic and may use the litterbox at 8 weeks, but by two years many are not using their litter with consistency - so if you do decide to go with this kitten, do not expect too much from him and be prepared to accept him and love him on his terms. Good luck.
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