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Princess Purr?

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I do hope you are getting orders? You just broke the Meowhoo record for the most people to play the game on the first day the newsletter was released! They are loving the Dance of the Tiles this month!
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Well that's because her kitties are so darned cute!

Not to mention her bracelets are great, I have one and I highly recommend them. If our cats tolerated collars, I would also have some of the Beastie Bands for them, they are so pretty!
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yea!! that is great!! I'll have to check and see how my pages views are doing. My fancy beaded collars sold out so I made some more tonight and will list them tomorrow...maybe I should list them now...Oh sebastiannnnn I need my model
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Val, you're not going to make hiim wear girl stuff again, are you?

How are the kitties doing? Everyone healthy again?
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they are all starting to get better the vet gave me some more eye gel and said I can use it on all the cats. just squeze it on a cotten ball or q-tip. Stormy's eyes are allll most better! I can't wait!! I need my little model to be bright eyed again.

Hissy, I just checked and the game is now the number one way people get to my site Now the people just need to start buying stuff
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