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Thought I would share this picture of my recently adopted cat Sammy, and my sweet Ethel sleeping together who seem to be bonding nicely. It will be two weeks tomorrow that I brought Sammy home to keep Ethel company after losing her other feline companion. Sammy is the huge black beauty and Ethel is little the brown beauty.

Poor Ethel is under the weather right now; she caught a virus, probably from Sammy who had been living with 400 other cats at the Cat Protection Society for years which resulted in her getting these sores in her mouth which made it too painful for her to eat or drink. Long story short.... the trip to the vet has her on the right track with a shot of penicillin, two subcutaneous saline injections to get some fluid into her, a high caloric nutritional supplement and liquid antibiotics. Poor baby. I am still crying at her discomfort. But the good new is that all the blood tests came back normal and today she has started drinking some water and eating some cat treats. Life is good!
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Aw, they are so sweet together. Looks like Ethel is happy to have a friend again.
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I think you're right Heidi. It's all Ethel has really known her whole life.
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How sweet! I hope My kitties get comfy with each other like that eventually.
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mzjazz2u - How long have you had them?
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Not long. I just adopted 2 new cats almost a week ago so it's still really soon. Peaches I've had for 8 months by her self. So I probably need to be patient and give it time!
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I'm sure it will happen

I am so lucky that Ethel is so loving - I haven't even had Sammy here for two weeks yet and all the hissing has stopped already. Talk about blessed!
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At least Peaches and Henrietta aren't hissing at each other. They never did. Missy Hissy is still in isolation. She's not ready to come out yet.
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Missy Hissy !!!! Too funny!!!!
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Cute picture, I'm happy they're getting along. It was nice of you to adopt an older cat, I always felt bad for them when I went to the animal shelter.
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I know, Brenda.... There were 400+ cats there. I was in tears almost the entire time I was there.

Hard to believe looking at Sammy and seeing how playful she is that she is 12! Course, Ethel is the same age and is really still as playful and energetic as she has been for years!
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cute pictures and cats!
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I am so glad that Ehtel and her new friend Sammy are getting along well. They do look at peace with each other
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Aww they look so sweet
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They look like they're becoming best bud's! Too sweet!
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Awwww! It's good to see them getting along!
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Oh Nicole! You know I love that picture!! What a milestone!! I still can't believe how quickly the girls became friends considering how scared Sammy was when we brought her home. I am so happy that my little cat nieces love each other...LOL!! :angle:

As far as Ethel's health goes! Whew! What a scare! I am so happy that Dr. G was so BEYOND helpful, caring and loving...(But that's another thread, LOL!!)

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Wow! Hugs to Ethel and Sam! Very Special Picture!
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Awww... those kitties look sooo loveable and cozy.
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Ethel's gorgeous! Even though she's been sick her coat still looks sleek and glossy.

Sammy looks soft and cuddly. I'll bet they become good friends.
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TTMom - Thank you so much. And Ethel has gotten so much better this weekend. She's about 90% back to normal.
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