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Digi Cam Help..

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Ok i have my digi cam. I'm DYING to get pics of Fluffy and Socks up for you all. The software is Fotobee but i need to erase the memory card on the camera. Its a Argus DC 2000 and our manual is gone. HELP!!
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I don't know a single thing about digital cameras. The only suggestion is either searching the Net and seeing if you can find a troubleshooting site about your camera. Or maybe you can find a phone number to the makers of the camera and see if they can send you another manual?

Good luck...and hope to see those kitties pic's soon!
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Did you get it yet?
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Does the software that you use with the camera have a menu to adjust camera settings? If so, you might be able to use the software to reformat/erase the card. Try checking the menus of the camera software while the camera is connected to the computer.

One thing you might try is to connect the camera to the computer (make sure that the camera is turned on)then open Windows Explorer by hitting the Windows key plus E. The camera should show up on the list of folders/drives on the left pane of explorer. Then right click and see if it has a selection to erase or format the disk.

You can also try emailing the company. I've found that companies will answer a specific question even if they wont send you a new manual for free.
Their tech support email is:

Hope this helps!
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Yep i got it i just need to figure out how to properly save and post pics.
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