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Ugh this just breaks my heart

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Im reading the local section of Petfinder for pets available. Its personal ads that anyone can put up, not shelter stuff. The reasons people get rid of their pets are just amazing. It makes me so sad that their pets are so expendable like that. For example, the most common phrase seems to be "Not enough time for the pet" or some variation. How hard is it to spend a couple hours with your pet at night and on the weekends? Just walking around the house and doing chores and petting them occasionally, taking a few minutes here and there to play or cuddle or whatever.
For dogs, I can somewhat understand, just a little bit. But for cats? How much attention do they really need? Are these people gone from hom 23 hours a day? It makes me so mad!
Then there are the ones about new babies or kids leaving home yada yada. How does that make one no longer able to care for a pet? How demanding can they be?

For a bird: "I hate to part with her, but she needs more attention than what we can give her right now!"

For cats: "They are very healthy however our son who has asthma is not. We also just discovered, although it was suspected, that he has an allergy to cat dander, which is why we must put them up for adoption."

Another cat, 6 years old: Daughter moving to apartment, I have her temporarily and she will have to be put to sleep within the week if we cannot place her."

A 5 year old dog that had been with them since it was a puppy:"I live in town and am looking to give her to a family that lives out of town so that she can be free to roam."

This just makes me so sad, sick and angry I already put in a request for more info on a 14 year old cat whos owner is moving and cant take her with. She sounds like a doll.
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It is clear to me that these people wanted a little furry (or feathered) entertainment for a short while and then when the animal was no longer entertaining, they pitched them out. The saddest one on that list was the person who was throwing away a 14 year relationship with the cat. If karma really exists, this person is going to have a really bad time in their new home.
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I think the problem is, is that too many people out there don't see these adorable little friends a living beings. Instead their kinda like stuffed animals to them. What I have to feed them, clean a litter box & actually pay attention to them, ack that's not what I wanted. Sad but true, too many people just want a budle of fur that looks cute & purrs once in awhile not everything that goes with them.
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