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cat almost gives owner coronary!

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Last night, I had a few to drink and went to bed as usual - needed to relax and it had been a good day.
Anyway, went to bed and read and then was flat out - when I wake and bladder tells me that I need to wake up and spend a penny.
I goes to the bathroom, cannot be bothered with light - felt light headed so sat on toilet for a moment.
I get this most very strange feeling on my ankle, furry and warm. That did not feel good, I reached down and grabbed the furry length at my ankle to which was going onto my other ankle and it gave a hell of a Meowwww - to which I gave an equally colorful choice of words in fright. Brandy went one way, I went another, scared lifeless and not thinking I crashed back to bedroom, got back into bed, my wife was now awake and I dropped my head on pillow, then to get a face full of fur and a further hell of a meoww as Vicki bitched at me and shot off.
I am having coffee tonight, going to bed before anyone and hiding my sorry face as Brandy terrified me, vicki scratched my ear and my wife cannot stop laughing.
My heart has been severley weakened I swear!
Heading up the wooden stairs to tick another day off my calendat - T minus 2!
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That is TOO funny !
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LOL! Sorry Kev to laugh at you, but just the visual cracked me up! Hope tonight is a better one for you!
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You poor thing!
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It will be better tomorrow.
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Well, if it makes you feel any better I just read that a man was getting ready to shower and his wife called him in kitchen to reset garbage disposal, and he got under the cabinet and was nude, and the kitten attached itself to anything swaying by his little claws and hung tight and the man jumped up and hit his head and was knocked out cold and the emergency team his wife called was laughing so hard. The man had to call in sick and would not tell why he was so embarrased!
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About 20 years ago, a man was admitted to the ER with a concussion, second-degree scalds, a lacerated penis and a broken arm.

He finished his shower and opened the curtain. The family cat, seeing what appeared to be a dangling "toy", leaped and grabbed. This caused the man to jump upwards, striking his head on an overhead hot water pipe, breaking it and causing the concussion and scalds.

The broken arm? The paramedics were told the story, while carrying the man downstairs on a stretcher. They laughed so hard, they dropped the stretcher down the stairs.

And YOU think that you had it bad.
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OK, that just put me over the edge, now I can't breathe, I'm laughing so hard. No, hubbie didn't seem to find it as funny when I managed to tell him. Gee. No sense of humour.
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