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Dear Cat Site Friends: Thanks!

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To everybody:

I can't remember the last time I had a day go so far off its planned course. I got almost nothing accomplished, yet I would never term it a waste of a day. I laughed like I haven't done in forever. I know I was personally responsible for misdirecting more than a few threads, but you guys were all such a riot! Special hugs and thanks to Blue, Mr. Cat, Airprincess, 3- Legged-Kat, and Sandie, to name a few. Today was kind of a venture into the real me, only I usually try to keep it a little better in check.

I've always said you can't really share a good laugh with anyone but friends, and you are all mine!

Here's to meeting in person someday!

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Deb, I know exactly what you mean...I sat here most of the day myself, just catching up!
I for one am immensely happy that your day went off the beaten path...you entertained me many times with your quick wit and slightly off kilter way of seeing things...Thank You!

I hope to see many more of your posts...soon!

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Say, I never got back to you on that business about our lockers being together. Well, if I were you I'd hope our lockers weren't in proximity. You see, the name on mine is. . . .
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Your posts are always so wonderful and witty, I'm always looking forward to them. You're one great persons!
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a little thread hi-jacking is permisable every now and then, no worries

it was such a joy to have you here alllllll day, your posts are not just witty and fun,
but thoughtful and kind (except when you rattle on and on about a certain non-meat substance)

seriously, i'm glad you took the day off and had a good time here, i know i had a good time with ya
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Deb25, I had the best time with you yesterday! it was the most fun I've had in a long time.

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Deb25; Ditto to what Blue said! except for the "Ditching of SPAM"

We were all in "rare form" yesterday. If we did that everyday; we would be exhausted!!!!

Perhaps it is because my circulation is improving. . . . . . :laughing2

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Deb, I really enjoyed reading your posts from that day!!!! I didn't read them till today, or I would have joined in! :laughing:

Please don't ever stop being yourself here, and when you are feeling whacky...let it fly!! We love you justthe way you are, and we all love reading your posts!! You put a big smile on my face today when I read them...especially when you and AP and blue were discussing the off track thread in Sex in the City.....*I rest my case, your honor* TOO FUNNY!!!!!
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