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I give up!

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This evening as I was working the horses, Racer started and raised his head high in alert towards the creek. I saw the bushes rustling and thought oh goodness, what is in there. We stood there and watched (both of us ready to flee, as I heard a cougar the other night) and here comes this kitty cat. She is one of the recent arrivals here, but I haven't spent much time with her, other than feeding her and rubbing her occassionally. She is carrying something in her mouth, and at first I thought it was a baby possum......well......I had the baby right- she had a kitten in her mouth! She dragged the kitten all the way up to the shop, tucked it back in the corner and came over to me (of course I had followed her) She proudly walked over to display her baby. Oh my God, you guys have to see this little girl. She is the color of Champagne with a darker tone almost beige saddle on her back. White paws and white and champagne face- oh Damn, there goes my heart again! Mom is a tuxedo kitty and soon she vanished and came back with yet another baby! Now, there are four and I think she is finished bringing them, I hope so anyway. There is a pure smoke gray little boy, the Champagne kitty, one that looks so much like Kabota, both Mike and I looked at each other and said, darn it- thought we neutered him in time! Then there is one that looks like Mom, she is black and white. They are all upstairs, been fed and loved on, the kittens are a tiny bit feral, but not spitting and hissing like some who come here. Mike has named them all, since they look so much like Kabota, we have named them after tractors- There is Maguson, and Fergie, and Rhino is the gray one, but the beige one looks so much like a bottle of Champagne that's her name. We are calling the mom Fern because she was hiding in the ferns back by the creek. I have to go and get film and show you guys these little dolls, they are nice little kitties........And fern is a good mom, though she is very undernourished. Anyone have an idea what I can give her to put meat back on her bones?
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I do believe you have a halo over your head that is visible to cats everywhere (and us too)!

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You and your husband are a couple of. . . .

Best wishes to Fern and her babies, too!

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Hissy, that is awesome, and I love the names you have given to them! Maybe you could give Fern some boiled chicken? That might help put some weight on her, or maybe even some kitten food? When we got Cinnamon from the no-kill shelter, she was so skinny. We fed her kitten food, even though she was a year, because Fluffy wasn't quite a year yet. A few months she had become quite the chub!! :tounge2:
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Oh Hissy this is so sweet! You're both such kind souls!!! Can you take some pics of them???
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Awwww, those kittens sound soooo adorable! Are you going to keep them, or try to find them homes?

My vet told me to use kitten chow to help build an adult cat back up. There is also a vitamin paste that you may be able to find at most stores... if not, you're vet would probably have some at his/her clinic. It's not terribly expensive, but is loaded with calories and vitamins.

Best of luck with your new additions to the family!
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You are a very special person Cats and their kittens are very lucky that you are around. You have a heart of Gold!

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Hissy; I can't wait to see pictures of the new babies! I miss the days when one of my semi-tamed ferals would bring me a pregnant "friend". It has been over 2 yrs. since there were kittens in this house. . . .

I agree; kitten chow will help fatten Mom, Fern.
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Oh Hissy! I can't WAIT to see pictures!!!! They all sound so cute, especially the Champaign!! You and Mike are such good people!!!!
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OMG girl! That is just too funny! More cats! Thats all you need, right? They all sound so adorable. I so wish there were pills you could give them to keep them tiny and kittens. Oh...feed mom kitty treats everyday for a week. She'll fatten right up!
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I think in the cat world your name is getting around as their angel on two legs. LOL. They sound wonderfull. I have heard of something called Nutrical which is supposed to put weight on and is full of vitamins.It is in a tube and is a kind of paste which they love. Good luck with them all.
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