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Another Tuxedo Kitty Update..

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Well the vet isn't in until Tuesday Soooo i could try other vets but the lady at the vets said Fluffy should be ok since he's had his first shots. I don't know....
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That might be all very well but Personally I would not take the chance - keep them separated until you can see a vet and have the little one checked, I am sure kitty is OK but...you need to look out for Fluffy until the Vet gives the all clear.
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I would keep them isolated until you get him to the vet. Better safe then sorry. Shots are great but don't protect against everything! I know you're probably dying to have him integrated into the household and play and cuddle! It's hard.
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THe only thing is we only have one litter box so i if i isolate him then we are short a cat box.
I also called the SPCA and no one has called him in yet.
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It would be cheaper to run out and pick up a cheap litterbox than to have to pay vet's bills should Fluffy get something from the kitten. Or use a cardboard carton with a thick layer of newspaper under the litter. If I were you, I wouldn't chance it.
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Some grocery stores sell disposable litter boxes, or you can use one of the cardboard flats that grocery stores stock canned sodas from - just put something underneath the box so it doesn't soak through to the floor. You really don't want a new kitten sharing a litterbox or food & water bowls with your existing cat until you're certain it's healthy.
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