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My Dogs

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Here are some pictures of my dogs, Dexter and Morgan.

Dexter is a 1 year old basenji/jack russell mix (at least that's what we were told he is).

Dexter at 5 weeks old.

I think he was a few months old here. I miss him being this small.

He had a black stripe down his back when he was a puppy.

Here is a more current picture. Laying on the back of my old couch. He has a little white spot on his face.

Asleep on the couch. He lays on pillows like that all the time.

We always catch Dexter sleeping in weird positions.

Morgan is a 5 month old shepherd/lab mix. The vet thinks she may have border collie in her too because of the white on her paws. She has really soft fur.

This is Morgan at 9 weeks old sitting with my husband.

She had a chubby belly.

Laying under my bed around 3-4 months old. She is too big for that now.

Here is a current picture. She loves to stretch out across the carpet in the living room. Definitely not chubby anymore, she is tall and skinny.

Close up of her face.
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Great pictures! They look so cuddly and happy. I'm also a big "Dexter" fan (which I'm guessing you used as inspiration for their names.)
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Dexter and Morgan are so cute
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Adorable! And I too, love Dexter (the show). But between your dogs, Morgan really stole my heart!
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Another Dexter fan here as well, so LOVE the names! Beautiful pups you have there!
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Cute pups!
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Oh my gosh cuttest puppies ever!!!
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Oh my gosh, they are gorgeous.xx
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Thanks everyone. I love both of them, even though they are crazy sometimes.
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