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I've a question for everyone????

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What city and state (or country) does everyone live in? I'm just curious, because I may be doing some traveling to the west coast soon to assist with publicity in the Max trial and would just love to meet you all! I know it says where to the left, but I wanted to see it in one long thread for those interested in posting it.
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I'm one of the many Oregonians here, along with Mr.Cat, Swalker, Michele, and Hissy...did I forget anyone?
If you get to Oregon, maybe we could have a little party?

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If you're ever in Vegas, let me know. Would love to meet you. Also, what,if you don't mind me asking, is the Max trial. Let me know when, and dinner is on me.

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Yes, you must come to Oregon! I live at Portland. Cleo's idea is excellent! We could all meet somewhere and talk about the ones who don't show up.


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I live in Arizona.
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MeowMan, what about Europe
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I live in N. Carolina. It's beautiful here. I was born and raised in Michigan... but have absolutely fell in love with NC. It's one of the greenest states I've ever been in. After a summer shower, it seems that all the growing things turn two brighter shades of green and you'd swear they were newly born right before your eyes. (ok, that sounded weird, but it's the best way I can explain it).

Plus, they have native magnolia trees... with those HUGE white flowers that smell like heaven. Honeysuckle... *swoons* and Trumpet vines (with the orange flowers) grow wild in our back yard, There are wild grapes and hibiscus that grow along the roads. The Atlantic Ocean is less then an hours drive from where we live. Yep. I loooove North Carolina!!
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Well, Chuck, you know I live just outside of Tampa. That is of little or no help on a trip to the west coast, unless you are going via Havana. There's always the cat show here in September!
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Iowa, here!
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Unfortunately, I can't afford a trip to Europe Billie, even though I have always wanted to go.

No, Frannie, this isn't for the Max trial that I'm going, though I may go for that if I can. I'm going to actually move out there, because daylights wastin' and I need to pursue my film career goals and it ain't happening in Florida.

As for all you Oregon people, I have a friend that already lives in Portland and others that will soon be moving to Colorado, so I will be up that way at some point. We'll all have to get together.
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Can someone say Tony Roma's???? I know, we are all cat poor, but I can dream! :tounge2: Rich in cat love, but poor in the pocketbook.
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Hissy, you just named one of my favorite "splurge spots" Now I'm hungry, although it's 3 a.m. and I just got home from work! Oh well, have a smoke, read the newest posts, and eat tomorrow (later today).

Love the thought of a get together...sounds like fun!

(maybe you can even place a kitty or 2!)

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Any other Michiganders out there? Trolls or UPers? (What lives under a bridge (Macinac bridge) Trolls!)

I live near the middle of the mitten!

Heather V. Havel

(but would LOVE to move to the UP or Alaska if I could find a good job!)
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