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The strangest thing my cat ate

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Whats the strangest thing your cat has eaten?
Mindy once ate a Garibaldi biscuit,she took the packet of biscuits from my bedroom all the way through the house,downstairs,into the litter room and just ate half a biscuit after nibbling 2 or 3.Shes here now,supervising her dad on the keyboard.
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I had a Siamese that loved frozen fruit!
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My cat, Bleu, has Pica. He eats fuzz, ashes, dirt, you name it. I have to make sure to keep the floors as spotless as I can, and be especially careful about small items like staples, etc.
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Originally posted by jmvito
My cat, Bleu, has Pica. He eats fuzz, ashes, dirt, you name it. I have to make sure to keep the floors as spotless as I can, and be especially careful about small items like staples, etc.
sounds like my friends 12 month old!
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The strangest things Snowball has eaten are icecream, cookies, cake and salt from potato chips. Whenever someone is eating potato chips, Snowball just goes nuts begging for some. When we throw a potato chip down on the floor, he licks off all the salt and then comes back begging for more. He seems to love the other three foods, and very occasionally we let him have a tiny portion.

I always thought cats weren't supposed to have a sweet tooth.
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For the longest time, Dottie was hooked on McDonald's french fries. She went nuts for them! However, she doesn't like them anymore, I wonder if McDonald's changed their recipe?
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Mindy likes crisps[potato chips]too,her favourites are cheese'n'onion,ready salted and chicken flavour.
But only IF I break them into small pieces!
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Hmm that would be my Logan & his salids, could never turn your back on one or, opps it's gone down his tummy. oh that is with any salid dressing,
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We have one that will eat spaghetti (sauce and noodles), one that eats turniip greens, and used to have one that would eat tater chips, not just lick them !
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Originally posted by Lorie D.

I always thought cats weren't supposed to have a sweet tooth.
I forgot, the same one that eats turnip greens LOVES the filling out of Twinkies. Since I am diabetic, he only gets that as a RARE treat !
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Ivo loves lettuce. The cat I grew up with, Loppy, liked Prego bottled spaghetti sauce. Dad's RB cat Wanda loved chicken with any kind of sauce-she'd nibble a little on the chicken and then wolf down the sauce. His cat Pumpkin only likes very cheap deli chicken.
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My aunt has a cat - an Abbysinian - who adores potato peels. When she makes chips (french fries) he "helps" her and steals the raw peels. He then drinks the water that the potato's lie in!

We had a cat who used to eat peas - and my little siamese is absolutely convinced that she will eat everything we eat - she constantly tries to tell me this and I am just so thick that I don't understand! Stupid human!
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Pasta and Fritos. My gf is italian and will make a bowl of pasta with no sauce for the animals. they prefer thin spaghetti and penne. it's crazy to watch a cat try and eat a spaghetti noodle, usually they'll play with it like a string first.
And they all go nuts over Mcdonald's. My stray kitten i just found, she eats just about anything that her adoptive momma, my big ole pit bull mixed breed dog eats. she even tries and eats dog food with her. i think she believes that she is a dog. i'm waiting for her to start barking. she's learned how to growl like momma already.
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Balie likes Popadoms - Indian spicey crisps, he also eats Fifi's fur when she sheds it on the rugs. He won't eat it off the wooden or stone floors, only off the rugs.

Fifi like goats cheese - won't touch cow's milk products tho.

Ferdy is my furry dustbin who will eat curry, biscuits, fruit and anything else he can get his mitts on!!!!

Gotta love 'em dontchya!!!
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Zoey eats the tails off her mice

(well she used to, until I took them all away from her )
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I found Duffy chewed the tail of one of his mice. I was afraid he swallowed it but was lucky to find on the floor. So I got the sissors out. Now all the mice are amputees.
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I caught Mindy eating chicken off my plate while I was cooking dinner,which really surprised me as she never eats chicken,I guess it was the fact that she was having something she shouldn't have that was so appealing to her.
Mork only eats cat food he's not even tempted by fresh salmon!!!
Unlike Jos who'll eat anything nice[given the opportunity!]
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My Polly will eat just about anything,(except commercial cat foods) but her favorite thing in the world is guacamole,I swear she can tell as soon as it comes in the house in the grocery bag. I had another cat that loved barbequed corn chips, he would devour as much s you let him have.
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My parents' dog Gigi, once ate one of Goldmine's toy mice. She had to have surgery to get it out, and she looked like a football afterwards! <----Gigi
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Oscar will eat just about anything that I eat. He likes pickles, Dill Pickles, I have never seen a cat or a dog for that matter eat pickles. As I have said before.....Strange Cat
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Two things. One was cayenne pepper and next was dried seaweed, she raided the pantry and ate the whole seaweed packet, but didn`t care for the hot pepper.
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meow meow like lettuce while boy boy goes crazy over a tropical fruit in singapore called durian....
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My mom had a cat that loved sweets (donuts, cookies, cake, you name it).
Turns out he was diabetic!!!

My cat Molly likes pizza (small pieces), yogurt, and french fries (small pieces).

Silly kitties.

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My Siamese just ate raisins! And wants more! Is demanding them in fact!
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Toes will eat canned asparagus, Cantelope, and anything tomato (he loves tomatoes so much that he'll eat off the other end of a slice of pizza if you don't watch it).

Tailer will only eat chunked wet food or dry food--don't try to give her the pureed stuff.
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Rat loves french fries dipped in ketchup. I used to have a cat that loved corn. Other than than, I think you all have me beat! I can't believe some of the things that have been mentioned! Very funny!
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Current crew are totally uninspiring on the subject, but Shasta loved chili -- had to have her own bowl or nobody got any peace; Nibs loved Doritos; Gryphon loved angel food cake.
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the only thing i can think of is popcorn, but they only will eat 1 piece, my blackie doesnt like human food, now stripey does but it usally makes him kinda sick so he doesnt get any
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Jeff, my parents' cat (my sister and I rescued him), used to LOVE KFC's gravy. He'd do anything to get it. Then he had his snip operation done and he won't have anything to do with human food anymore.
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