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Flee Problem

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I have allready treated my 3 1/2 month old kittens for flees. I was looking on them this morning and found a few on them, I cannot treat for another 2 months I think, did the stuff I used before just not work or what? Please HELP


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What did you use? That has a bearing on it. You want to steer clear of Hartz products and Bio Spot and only use flea treatments recommended by your vet.
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I've found that only the vet ones actually work. Call your vet and see if you could do some sort of flea bath and then get Advantage or something for them. Also use Lysol throughout your house--spray it where they sleep and spend lots of time. It kills fleas, believe it or not. And wash their stuff using the liquid Lysol as detergent. If it gets really bad you can spinkle Borax into your carpet and let it sit for a day or two and then vaccum it up.

I did all this when we had fleas so bad that they were eating ME alive.
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PLEASE Be careful if you use Lysol and you have cats. Lysol has phenol in it, and cats have a hard time with phenols. If enough exposure to the spray occurs, skin problems can begin, and over time if you continue to use it, liver problems will develop. The same goes with Pine-sol cleaner. Borax will help the situation more than anything else mentioned, but Lysol will cause problems with your cat though over time.
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