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paranoid kitty

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evey night before I go to sleep I leave the kitty food and water and by this time he gets pretty hungry. soon after he eats, he gets hyper and runs around the room and if I try to play with him then, he will try to scratch or bite me.

if he is sittin on his chair when he gets hyper, it seems like he's paranoid and start huggin and biting the chair arm and runs around the chair seat. Within few minutes he gets normal though. well I just wanted to know if this kind of behavior is normal? thanks
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This is typical kitty play. The night stimulates the kitten's instincts, for this is the time when his prey is awake and feeding and when he hunts. I would feed him and then using a interactive cat toy, like a toy tied to the end of a fishing line on an old fishing pole, play with him with the toy, keeping well out of reach of his biting and scratching tendencies, kitties like to climb, so run the toy up on furniture and back down to the floor, but don't play with him more than 10 minutes of active play or he will be over tired and start panting and stress out which can cause problems.
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it's normal? i thought kitty was going crazy or something

thanks for the advice, i ll see how he's gonna be tommorw
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It is quite normal. I have three kittens here now that are confined upstairs after dark so that we can get some much-needed rest.
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