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If you go into the Lounge, Fur pics is the forum right at the top of it
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I'm so sorry for your loss, I've been there, in fact, Ã'm there right now, lost my Baddy just weeks ago. I'm so glad you were able to save that kitty and give her all the love and care she deserved. HUGs to you
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Well now our new little girl, Sunshine" Sophies little sister is to and from the vets! Hopefully not a big problem! A slight ear infection which was treated with a topical antibiotic, an anti flea treatment, advantage on the anniversary of her second week with us she has diarehea! She's also now on a 7 day regimen of "clavomox"! Hopefully the forteflora will kick in to harden the stool! Having been a "cattery cat" with limited human contact, she is tough to give meds to! (especially because she has all her claws!) Tomorrow we'll try to glue on some soft paws over her claws!
She picks up more of Sophies habits every day! She understands NO and tries really hard not to claw Mommie's chaise lounge!
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Well, Monday will be seven weeks that our beloved Sophie crossed tghe Rainbow Bridge! We miss her so much! I carry her photo as my screen saver on my cell phone and I can't believe she is no longer in the house! Today is five weeks that "Sunshine" has been with us in her "Forever Home"! She is now healthy and no longer is on any meds and has really become a little "Love Bug"! So many of her mannerisms are like Sophie and Sweetie before her! AShen watches TV with us in the evening and now sleeps with us through the night taking turns cuddling with each of us! She truly has brought joy back into our lives,especially because so much of our daytime in retirement is spent as caregivers to disabled relatives! Here is another photo of "SUNSHINE OF OUR LIVES"! I'll also try to post this in the photo section!

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Sophie was such a part of your family. These anniversaries are tough, I know. She was such a beautiful girl.

Sunshine is just what she brought to you when you needed it most. I am so glad she has become the little love bug you need.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Rest peacefully, sweet Sophie.
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I'll be thinking of all of you especially tomorrow!

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Monday will be eleven weeks that Sophie crossed the Rainbow Bridge! Today is nine weeks that Sunshine has been in our lives! We still often call her "Sophie"! Thank God she's in our lives! She has truly helped mend our broken hearts! As I write this she just crawled under the covers with her new "Mommy"!

Clearly she needed us too! Spending 14 months in a cattery and with a family that returned her after a week and then two weeks with a foster "Mom" is not the same as a lifetime in her and OUR "Forever Home"!

Tomorrow will be a special Mother's day for Sunshine and her "Forever Mommy"!
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Tomorrow will be 12 weeks that Sophie crossed the rainbow bridge! Her spirit is surely in Sunshine as she does more and more things just like Sophie! She now sits where Sophie did and looks at me to say she would like fresh food! The only difference is that Sophie would "Paw" the shopping bag to tell me to open a new can of food for her! (Sophie only had four canine teeth and was on a soft food diet)! Sunshine is on hard food as were all our other cats! She's doing well and gaining weight! It's tough trimming her claws but we are not going to declaw her! (I have a few new scars next to my "smiley face scar on my chest" from cardiac surgery! However, Sunshine now seems to keep her claws in and any scratches are really accidental!
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It's wonderful you have Sunshine to help you with your grief over Sophie. I've known of people who lost a cat and never got another saying that the pain was too much, and no other cat could replace the one lost. That's so silly. Of course, no cat replaces another. But the heart has many rooms, and so many cats need loving homes, well, I'm just glad you opened your heart and home to adorable Sunshine. Lucky for both of you!

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Thanks Robin!
The way Sunshine came to our attention two weeks after Sophies passing was more than coincidence! We've had as many as 5 cats in our lives at one time and they have brought so much joy to our lives, as we've been able to give them "Forever" homes!
Many of our adoptions have been older (13 yrs or so) and we've only had them for a few years before they've passed on! Sophie was one of the most loving and attentive little girls and t was really heartbreaking as we didn't think we would lose her!
Sunshine, as a cattery cat, adopted at 13monts of age is "really spirited" but her evening visits with her cuddled up with us has really been wonderful as we deal with elder care issues at this point in our lives!
Fred & Diane
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Well it's been almost three and 3/4 months since Sophie crossed the rainbow bridge! Her loss helped us find "Sunshine of My Life" a 13 month old Persian who was returned to a cattery for some unknown reason! She has no probleem habits but does have a "crazy hour" every night before bedtime! She then jumps into bed and showers us with affection before she gets under the covers! A few days ago we got an email from the "Breeder" to say that she was taking some time off and was "retiring" her Breeding female, a beautiful Persian with Calico markings! She had just been spayed and wondered if we would like to adopt her! Well today we drove 170 miles to adopt "Heidi"! Heidi is Sunshine's mother and the two girls will spend the rest of their lives in our "Forever home"! She's a real sweetheart and is recovering from her surgery! While visiting we saw a few of the babies up for adoption and we fell in love with the "runt of the litter" an 8 week old Persian who is deaf! After our experience with Sophie who went deaf and blind before she passed we looked at each other and decided to adopt the little baby who our granddaughter has named "Snowflake"!
We'll post pictuers as soon as our computer comes back from the repair shop! Sophies loss has helped us save three wonderful little girls!
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That's just wonderful news. How thrilling! It is just such a happy turn from what started out so sad.

I look forward to the pictures to come.

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Oh my Goodness!!!
That's wonderful news! Maybe it is time, with so much life.... to open a new thread outside of the Crossing the Bridge Forum?
How about the Fur Pictures? We need pictures!!! We can follow their adventures from there - I know many people don't come to the bridge forum because it is so sad they can't take it..... This thread is just so full of life! I didn't come here for a huge while - I never ever expected to read these developments here!
I am SO happy for YOU
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