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Sophie our 16 yr old Persian Crossed the Rainbow Bridge Yesterday

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Many of you have followed Sophies oddysey of going Blind and Deaf on December 9th! I'm sorry to have to report that she unexpectedly "Crossed the Rainbow Bridge" between 5:00 and 5:30 on February 21 while in the animal hospital undergoing testing! Sophie was a wonderful little 16 year old black and white Persian that we rescued from the Edison, NJ animal shelter almost three years ago. She was badly neglected and matted and the folks at the shelter were really pleased that we adopted her, as I believe she would soon be euthanized! Soon after we adopted her I had to undergo unexpected open heart surgery and that night she jumped up on the bed to keep Diane company through the night as though she knew something was not quite right! Throughout my recovery she would spend time with me but I was "not the Momma" and she soon became Diane's little girl although she allowed me to give her her meds three times or more a day and she would patiently sit at the door to her "Kitty" room to let me know she was hungary, or her food bowl was empty, or she didn't like that particular flavor of food! Yes, she was spoiled rotten but she gave so much love and affection in return! We will forever miss Sophie, on our bed, in her bed at the foot of our bed and we will never forget her!
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I'm very sorry for your loss. She was a lucky girl to have found you to finish out her life with. RIP, Sophie.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, she was indeed lucky to have you
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I'm so sorry for your loss. She was so lucky to have your love and care in her final years.
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I'm absolutely heartbroken! She was SUCH a beautiful girl, and you two loved her so much! She had a wonderful life with you, and so many reasons to keep going. I'm just so so sorry it was her time.

Play happily over the bridge, beautiful Sophie - no more come-and-go blindness and now you can hear all the birds chirping - and mom and dad crying, because they miss you so.
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I am truly sorry for you losing Sohpie. You have done something most people would never do, that is, adopt an older cat and give it the best last years of it's life. You showed Sophie a life of joy filled with such love since saving her from that shelter three years back. She wouldn't have had a fighting chance at all if it had not been for you two adopting her when you did.

RIP Sweet DarlingSophie. Play peacefully at the bridge
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Thank you for the kind words and prayers for Sophie and Diane and Me! What we are really struggling with is that when we took her to the animal hospital we hated to even leave her overnight, but we never thought it would be the last time that we would see her! We didn't really get to say a proper good bye!
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I can imagine, that's got to be SO hard! I don't think any of us on this journey with Sophie via TCS thought this was how things were going to end. If it was a shock to us - you must feel like life is just crashing around you.

You ought to consider a memorial service. It's not the same, I know, but your hearts need to say good bye.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Rest peacefully, sweet Sophie.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss. Your Sophie was so lucky to have been adopted by you.
Rest easy now, little one.
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May Sophie live forever in your heart. She was very lucky to have you!
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I'm so sorry that Sophie died. But I'm so happy for her that she found you, and was able to spend the last few years of her life, with such kind caring people.
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It's very sad news that Sophie has passed away. I have followed your posts regarding her since December.

You are very special people to have taken her home when she was that age and in that condition. You were really guardian angels to her and gave her the love and care she deserved to the end. She knows how much you gave her, and she will never leave you. She will always be your guardian angel forever from now on.

Thank you for sharing her with us at tcs.

I hope, in time, you will be able to open your hearts and home to another special kitty. And what a lucky kitty that will be!

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Thank you for your kind words! They came at just the right time as we struggle with the change in our household! You don't realize all the little things that our "furry little children do" on a daily basis to make us smile, until they are gone! We have adopted 9 kitties since 1976 and at one time had five little guys around at one time! Though we only had Sophie just under three years she was really special! We'll bring her remains home this week and when one of us passes she'll lay beside us forever!
We will look to adopt another shelter kitty in early spring. Between now and then we have to visit an old friend who lives in Georgia (97 yrs.old) and visit our children and grandchildren up north! Sophie will always be in our hearts, and she is the wallpaper photo on my cell phone!
Thanks for following our journey and for caring!
Fred & Diane
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I am so sorry for your loss. Sophie was truly a treasure in your life and you in hers. It is a wonderful thing that this dear cat lived out her last years so loved by your family. Bless you for loving her and giving her a forever home.
Rest in peace Sophie. You are forever in their hearts.
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Sophie's been gone for one week and a day! Today we brought her ashes home along with a clay impression of her front paws! It was emotional to say the least, but we keep reflecting on the many special things she did to bring joy and smiles to our lives! On her last day at home she had vision and looked out the sliding doors looking for her "little lizard" friends! She stayed there for a while before we took her to the animal hospital, so I believe she probably saw one of her little friends! It's hard to believe how quiet it is at home now! Not that she was loud, it's just that we now realize how much time we had spent talking to her and watching her cute little ways! Sweet dreams Sophie. no more episodes of lost vision and wndering what's happening! Love you always! Mommy & Daddy
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It is amazing how such a small fur person can fill up a house - and a heart. Sophie was so blessed to have found you both - and her love for you will never leave you.
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I am sorry for your loss and thankful that you gave a kind, happy ending to a desperate soul who was obviously in need. God be with you my friend.

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It has been so quiet and sad since Sophie left us two weeks ago! We started looking on Petfinder to see if we could find another Persian who needed us and vice versa! We found one in a shelter and another in a foster home! When we called we found that one had just been adopted and the other was two hours away in a shelter. We planned to visit and adopt the one in the shelter on Friday. It was a 5 yr old Persian who had been in the shelter about 3 weeks! My wife had a Dr.'s appointment that morning and while we were getting ready we received a phone call from a vet about three hrs away who had a 14 mo. old Persian rescued from a Cattery who had just been spayed. We decided to go see both and possibly adopt both! As luck would have it my wife needed some additional testing so we had to delay our trip until Saturday! Well we went to see the 14 mo. old little girl! She warmed up to us immediately but it wa clear to see she hadn't really socialized much and would also hide whenever possible. (in the vet's office) We decided to adopt her on the spot. She traveled the three hours back quite well! When we arrived home she immediately hid under the bed for about an hour and the jumped up to visit us on the bed and shower us with love! Kisses and licks! She is the first young cat we've had since 1976! She will need time to adjust from being a "Cattery cat" to a member of the family, but she's off to a great start! As 'm writing this she began meowing for attention and jumped up into my lap! I've never had one of our 9 previous cats do that! She's already adopted some of Sophie's habits and we are off to a great start after just three and a half days! It's almost as though Sophie is telling "Sunny" what she needs to do as she watches from the"Rainbow Bridge"!
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I think that is just wonderful you have a new little Sunny! Sophie brought you so much love and happiness. It is a testament to her that you wanted that again.

Sunny sure sounds like a wonderful little one. If you can, we would love to see her.

Sophie is a hard act to follow. But it sounds like Sunny is up to the task.

God bless.
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Sophie is happy for Sunny, knowing Sunny will be loved and cared for, just like she was when she was with you
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Thanks so much! In four days Sunny is beginning to do so many little things, just like Sophie, it's almost as though Sophies spirit is in her!
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Aw, that's just great that you didn't waste your "kitty love" for a long time, and found little Sunny to love and love you.

She's one lucky kitty!

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Hopefully below will be a photo of "Sunshine" our new little 14 month old little girl. She has been in a cattery all that time and in foster care in a crate! She is just learning to socialize with adult humans! She showers us with love but is very nervous and hyperactive! In the 5 days she's been with us she is calming down, still bites a bit and is always checking to see if someone is going to get her food! Sophie seems to be helping her adjust to her new life with us inn her "forever" home!

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Oh my, look what I've missed! I am crying tears of happiness right now - for you both and for Sunny! She's absolutely beautiful!!!! And there is no doubt in my mind that Sophie had a paw in this. In fact, I think Sophie led you straight to her. Oh - I'm so sad and so happy at the same time!

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Thanks LDG! The last two weeks and the past 5 days have been the sadest and happiest! I agree that Sophie had a paw in how Sunny was brought to our attention for adoption! The love that Sunny is showering on us is amazing and we are certainly responding in kind! Sophie is the wallpaper photo on our cell phones and she will never be forgotten! It's amazing how Sunny is responding to our hand gestures and vocalizations, just like Sophie!
As always thanks for yourkind words! they've really helped us through this!
Fred & Diane
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You know there is a fur pics forum here, and we'd love more pictures. (Hint, hint).
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Well Sophie continues to live in spirit with "Sunshine"! Sunshine now sits and patiently looks toward her food bowl just like Sophie did! None of the other eight cats we've had have ever done that! Just Sophie and now Sunshine! We continue to call Sunshine "Sophie" about 50% of the time! That's OK! I'll look for the Fur Pics forum ad post some photos of Sophie and Sunshine! By the way we've only had about 10 days and she is beginning to really socialize! Spending the night with both ofm us and sharing her affection with both of us! I think because she is younger than any of our adoptions since the 80's she is bonding quickly and is appreciative to be with humans!
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your little girl And Lauries right, we would love to see Little Miss Sunshine in fur pics

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Below is a photo of "Sunshine"! I'm not sure where to find "Fur Pics" to post photos! I'm probably not looking in the correct place!

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