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Use of litter box by persian cats

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Hi --I am new to this thread and do have a couple of questions. I am going to purchase a 13 week old female persian kitten in a few days. I currently have an adult male maine coon cat and an adult male ragdoll. Do persians have the type of personality that should be able to get along with these cats? I have also heard that persians are notoriously known for breaks in use of the litter box. Is this generally true of most persians? If so it would be my only deterent in purchasing the persian kitten. I would appreciate hearing from any of you out there. Thanks for your help.
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Patrick, as you question was so breed specific, I moved you to the Breeders Forum. Good luck with your kitten!
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Hi patrick,
I have several persian cats, and although i too have also heard about their poor toileting behaviour, i can honestly say my cats are very clean and have never had toileting problems.
However i do keep all the litter trays very clean, i scoop them out twice a day at least. In fact i have found that even if the cats have an upset stomach they still always manage to make it to the tray, unlike a DSH and a ragdoll i used to own.

As for them getting along, it really depends on the individual cat. Persians are extremely laid back, complete lounge lizards, with only the occasional active ouburst. I know that Ragdolls are also meant to be quite laid back, so with the correct introductions i don't forsee any problems.
I do still think though that some cats will want to be solitary, and no amount of trying will get them to 'like' other cats. I brought a persian once who was absolutely lovely with people, extremely affectionate etc, but HATED other cats. No matter what age/sex, if a cat was within a metre of it he would lash out. Unfortunately things got so bad he had to be rehomed with a freind, where he is a single cat and is absolutely loving it.
However i must admit, i should have picked up on the warning signs ie when he was with his littermates or mum, he'd growl or hiss at anyone who went near his food or him. So choose carefully. Find a good breeder, whose cats are friendly and all should go well
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I have 2 persians, and last year introduced a stray cat into the household. I've also had neighbour's cat staying with me etc. There has been no problem with either persian in the acceptance of these other cats. Of course, there has been a bit of suspicion and grizzling, but no displays of anger or hostility.

As for toilet habits - one of my persians did have some early problems, the other one was, and still is perfectly clean and meticulous in her litter tray behaviour. However we strongly suspect that it was the breeder that was responsible for these problems - she didn't train the kittens properly, her house was a complete mess, and the kittens' litter tray was by the front door - which is where Balie habitually used to go in our house, even though the litter pan was on a different floor.

The problem was resolved by some basic training, NOT shouting or punishment.

Hope that helps - but remember, any cat can have litter tray issues, not just persians.
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