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Photographs of Vlinder's Ultrasound!!! This is Absolutely Amazing...

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Congratulations, Vlinder. Everything looks great!

Blue, It is refreshing to look upon the world through your eyes.
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This is by far the most amazing thing I've ever seen!!!!!!
It felt so good looking at these pics!!!
Well, sister Abyssinian hope everything goes fine with you and the tiny fellow.
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that is so exciting!

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i keep coming back to this thread to stare upon those pictures, how incredible is it really, to be able to see your
child before he/she is born and connect yourself and love, visually.

i am in awe. i sit here in awe and can only offer my warmest and biggest sigh, Christie, this is amazing.

thank you so much for allowing all of us to share this with you.

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Before our duaghter was born we had pictures of the ultrasound in the baby book.. We even got a video of it..

It's funny cuz now Kylee wants to see her baby video all the time.

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Looking at these pictures makes me feel so humble, the miracle of an unborn child!

It makes me want another baby...well...almost!

I may have missed it somewhere, being absent for awhile, but how far along are you?

May you, your baby, and all your family have long happy lives together!

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I'm so glad I can share this with you guys!! I really love looking at these pictures too... I guess I just think it's so amazing that this is actually growing inside of me!! (Can you tell this is my first child!?) We got a video as well, and it is really neat to see it live on the screen moving around just a little bit!

The ultrasound pics were taken at 13 weeks.. I am now 16 weeks as of yesterday! I went to the doctor for my checkup yesterday and everything is checking out well! I am immune to Rubella and have a good blood count! They found the heart beat on the doppler as well.. it is beating at 156 bpm. He did more bloodwork for genetic testing and things like spina bifida. I also had him draw blood to see if I am immune to Toxoplasmosis! I'm not too worried about it since I've had my cat for a while and she stays indoors. My husband is also taking care of the litter, but I just want to cover bases!

One of the most exciting sites I've been checking out is located at www.birthdiaries.com. It is a very beautiful site dedicated to telling birth stories in the form of pictures!!! In other words, it shows hospital births, water births, outside births, vaginal births, and caesarian births in a series of pictures! The site DOES include a rating scale depending on how much nudity and closeups you want to see.. but it is nothing demeaning to women... just the beautiful miracles of birth! My favorite story is in the 3rd set of links! IT shows a baby born at home, and in the caul (with the membranes still around the baby). You've got to check it out!

Thanks for sharing my pictures with me and all of your wonderful comments.. especially yours *BLUE*.. go check that site out!

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I am getting very baby hungry. Ever since I was sixteen, I had a very powerful urge to have a baby. I'd go to the hospital nurseries to look at the newborns. I didn't have my first baby until I was married and had her at age 22. Now, after two kids, I still get baby hungry. I also like the attention a woman gets when she's pregnant.
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VLinder!!!! I loved those pictures!!!! I, like Blue,could look at them over and over again!!!!!! Thank you Blue for posting them for us to see!!!! You are so lucky Christie!!!! I want a baby so bad, but I don't think I will ever have one. Not now. I am almost 36, and my husband doesn't really want anymore kids since he has two of his own from his first marriage. Keep us posted on how everything goes!
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