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I Can't Believe What I Did!!

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Ok we saw this kitten over at the apartments across from us,it looked like Fluffy's brother. So i cautiously went over and checked him out. He is quite skinny and he's a Tuxedo kitty. Black overall with white belly,nose,paws and white whiskers. He's a bit bigger then Fluffy and Fluffy is medium haired this guy is short haired. I figured ok this cat needs to be fed so i brought out the cat carrier and brough him upstairs. Fluffy saw him and smelt the cage. No hissing. So i opened it up and he came out. They sniffed each other and the new cat started pawing at Fluffy but no attacking. They were tumbling a bit with some hissing but i think thats normal?He may belong to someone and if he does i will gladly return him. If not dh says he has to go to the SPCA but i don't think so!!lol If i keep him he will be named either Felix or Sylvester. Oh btw how can i tell if he's neutred?
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I'd be careful introducing a stray cat to Fluffy. This new little guy may carry a disease that could be passed to Fluffy. If you do plan on keeping him, please take him to the Vet to get checked out.
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I'll take him in ASAP. Hopefully my vet will take a post dated cheque. I will call the SPCA in the AM to make sure no one is looking for him.
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Very cool! But Shell is right... have him checked out quickly. Just to be safe.
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Ya I agree with Shell! I wonder if he has a home too?

I think if its a boy you would be able to tell.. cuz when they still have their balls, they're pretty noticeable!
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yeah man...give him a proper check and if he really belongs to nobody then fluffy would have another playmate!! yay!!
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I agree, vet!
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They don't actually cut them off of boy kitties! They make a very small incision and snip, but the outside part is still there.

The only way I know of to know for sure is...surprise! ...the vet!
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Are you sure it isn't a girl kitty?
Please get the cat to the vet and keep the kitties apart until the vet visit.
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I always though they took them off to I know the outside male that only comes around when snowwhite was in heat had ummm big manly parts and moe and neo have nothing back there!
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Bleu-boy has tiny little ones left. I thought they just sort of shriveled up after neutering.

I remember my husband's reaction when he brought Bleu-boy home from being neutered. I dropped Bleu off at the vet, then left for a 2-week army training course. When I called my husband to check on Bleu-boy, he really read me the riot act! Hubby didn't fully understand they basically castrate the animal. He thought Bleu was getting a kitty version of a vasectomy. I could tell by the tone in his voice that he was really feeling for Bleu! LOL. I guess you had to be there.
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Aren't men funny. I also had to explain in detail what happens in a neutering , and he cied Noooooooo! And was all sorry for the cat. He also thought that neutering was essentially a vasectomy... Then I had to explain about Teaser Toms!

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When a cat is neutered it still has the little testicle bags, but they're empty. If a cat has not been neutered & reaches maturity, you'll be able to tell...they'll be big and full-looking.
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Originally posted by Fluffy'sMom
I'll take him in ASAP. Hopefully my vet will take a post dated cheque. I will call the SPCA in the AM to make sure no one is looking for him.

Please please please post FOUND KITTY flyers at the apartment where you picked up kitty, at the mailboxes, and surrounding areas. Do not just call SPCA. This COULD be someone's furbaby and unless you post flyers they will have no idea someone has taken him in.

Just as I'm sure you wouldn't want someone to pick up Fluffy and take HIM in, please don't take in other kitties on a whim of how cute it may be.

It's heartbreaking to lose a cat. I know from experience.
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I took him in because he looked very skinny and hungry. We have alot of stray cats around here so its very possible he's a stray. I will do my best to look for his owner (if he has one)Edited to Add-The SPCA has my contact info and ANYONE who has lost a pet will call the SPCA to see if they've been picked up. At least out here thats the norm. This kitty was also running out in traffic which wasn't safe and not a sign of a responsible pet owner.When people adopt from the SPCA here they MUST be indoor cats or they will not adopt. Believe me i never just took him in on a "whim" because he was cute,other issues were involved,i see alot of cute cats here but this is the only one i was concerned about.
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Oh good I'm glad you weren't just picking up just any cute kitty! I misunderstood from the title of your thread "Can't Believe What I Did" that you were doing something nefarious.

I do know that most SPCA's are very overworked. I think I read on this site sometimes they don't even call owners when the pets have tags! Expecting overworked staff to keep tabs on hundreds if not thousands of cats and kittens per year may be more than realistic, so I'm glad you'll make the effort on your own to find if kitty has an owner. Posting flyers are the easiest way to get the word out.

Helping lost kitties (as you can see from my sig) is a passion of mine, and the pain from losing a pet is something I see on a daily basis. One person's cat was found 15 miles away because another person picked up a cat at one apartment complex and brought it to her own house 15 miles away! It took several months before the owner could locate her cat. It seemed hopeless but eventually they were reunited. The pain, though, is real.

I'm glad you understand it could be someone's pet.
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I titled the post "I Can't Believe What I Did" because i've never did this before. Also we thought it may be Fluffy's brother from the outdoors where we picked up Fluffy. (his mom is a stray and keeps having kittens) My dh says its him but i guess time will tell.
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