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licking plastic?

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So I'm used to my kitty doing very weird things throughout the years, but this one takes the cake. She has found a new fascination with plastic and won't stop licking it. Cellophane is probably her preferred plastic, but others too like plastic bags, plastic wrappers, etc. I'm really worried, but nothing else seems wrong. I'm not sure if this is something I should go talk to the vet about, or if it's not that terrible. I just don't want her getting sick from the chemicals in the plastic, or accidentally swallowing it....

anyone have any suggestions?
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We have a cat obsessed with plastic.

Because the behaviour is new, I'd consider taking her to the vet.

But our solution for our plastic (and rubber) obsessed kitty is simply to keep it all out of reach, in drawers or in cabinets.
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My late Potsie was a terrible plastic bag chewer or any type of plastic for that matter. It is strange that some cats pick a certain item to chew and/or lick. I did however notice the obsession with plastic dissipate after changing to a higher quality cat diet. So who knows.... but the diet did make the plastic chewing much less or it was just coincidence. I would keep all plastic put away to keep your cat from ingesting it!!!!! My Perla likes to chew on broomstick bristles!!! So I keep all brooms locked away
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My cat Magic is 10 years old and has chewed on plastic bags for as long as I can remember. It's never been a problem, she just seems to like the crinkly sound of it. We've never had to do anything about it but shoo her away when we find her doing it. She hasn't had any health problems because of it either. Unless your cat's actually eating it, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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One of my cats does this. On a hunch, I pulled some winter grass from outside, and put it in a butterfly clamp attached to furniture. He loves eating the grass (and thankfully doesn't throw it up). He seems to stop trying to chew plastic if I give him the grass at least once a week.
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There's something that plastic is made with, that smells good to cats. Lynxx used to love trying to eat plastic bags.
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Here is a blog I got pulled into awhile ago on this very subject. But as you can see- you are not alone
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