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A picture of Beau

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My first try at posting a picture on The Cat Site. This is my Burmese.
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He's gorgeous!! What an amazing coat he has.

Adding Burmese to my list of favorite cat breeds......
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Wow! His coat is so shiny! I his color... I want one!
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He is beautiful! How old is he? He looks young.
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he is cute and small.... like an angel...
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Wow, how gorgeous!! Great shot, great first try.
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he is beautful! he looks almost like a havena Brown!
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What a 'lil cutie!
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I love his coat! Just beautiful!
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He's stunning. What a glossy coat!
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awww WOW!! he looks JUST like my sebastion!
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I have a cat, Ta, thats mother was Burmese, he has the prettiest face, looks like your cat and the sweetest personality. Dont know what the father was though, so I guess thats why his coat color is black. I will have to post a pic of him sometimes.
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He's gorgeous!
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Very pretty, I love his color.
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Thank you for the nice compliments I too think he is beautiful. Someome asked how old he is, Beau was born on March 15, 1992.

I'm sorry if there is something one my posts that shouldn't be there. I tried to put a picture for my signature but I didn't do it right and I don't know how to delete it.
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He's beautiful!

To delete your sig just go to usercp under edit profile and you can delete it there
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I just love his color and he's coat is so shiny!
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I know the other post mentioned it, but what a shiny pretty coat. Do you brush daily?/ or is the cat just blessed?
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Absolutely stunning cat! Has anyone mentioned what a beautiful coat he has?
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He is seldom brushed. His breeder told me to rub his coat with a chaomis (sp) cloth. I did that more when I was showing him.
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