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My Last Day at Work was Ruined!

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Today was my last day in the Pharmacy and I knew today was going to be an interesting one to begin with but it was also our stores Inventory Day. I had to be to work early and I didn't sleep well last night at all. After an 2 hours of work, our Store Manager Nicki came back with some bad news. My replacement came in and gave her notice that she's quit! But...she didn't even have the descensey of giving a two week notice...yesterday was her last day! I was the only other person scheduled today and so I ended up pulling both of our shifts. Brandon (my boss) was so pissed! I've never seen him like that before. She didn't even have the kahunas to even talk to HIM about it! She went to the Personel Manager (she does the hiring) and gave her the notice. Nicki gave Brandon the note she wrote and it said "To whom it may concern: July 31st will be my last day working for WalMart. The reason why I am leaving is because my knowledge is not being used to the best of it's ability". WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! I don't know what knowledge she's talking about because she really didn't impress me much. Here's a gal who turns 19 on Sunday, never went to college and claims she's worked in a Pharmacy for 2 years (legally she couldn't have worked in one if she was a minor)...and I personally took that comment like a slap in the face! I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty darn smart especially when it comes to Pharmacy operations, drugs and the laws. It was like saying that our Pharmacy is the worst one she's ever seen and that we didn't know what we were doing or capable of doing a good job. I've got news for her...Our Pharmacy is the best in our District (all of Nebraska) and our Tech's are the best in the District (I've actually got Tech of the Year last year and that was rated through Kansas & Nebraska). Plus I trained her to the best that I could, so in her eyes I must not be using my knowledge the best of it's ability.

My day was completely ruined by her stupidity. I felt bad because it was my last day and I can not longer work there due to my commitment to the Managment Program. Now they have to go through the whole searching and hiring another person. Plus, one our Tech's is starting her vacation on Saturday and will be gone for a week. That leaves ONE Tech and ONE Pharmacist to run the Pharmacy because she didn't have the decensey to give a 2 week notice. Instead of being happy today, I was upset and hurt that she put us that situation.

Sorry for the rant and rave. I'm just upset with her and needed to get it off my chest. Thanks for listening!
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I don't understand people like that at all! We had a lady just walk out on us when I was in Chicago. She later emailed that she quit to the HR director and never returned her keys (the whole building ended up being rekeyed--the FAA wasn't too happy). We never even noticed she was gone until the time she would have been on the phones. She was always real quiet, but apparently she walked out because that morning our boss had had a talk with her about using the work phones for personal use--she was calling all the members of her church and arranging things for church committees when she should have been on the phones talking to customers.

People are really weird.
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She sucks!
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I hate people that think they are too good for their job description. "Oh I'm too precious to do any real work!!!!" Give me a break, I'll bet she thought she was going to get fired and just left before it could come to that.

Can your boss get another tech on loan from another store? That way the hole is patched until the position can be filled.
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Shell, she may have said "I'm not being used to the best of my ability" but what she probably thought was "I can't handle this job, it's too hard!"

I'm sorry your last day was ruined by someone so inconsiderate. Just look at that wonderful collage they gave you yesterday, and don't dwell on the bad part of today.
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Thanks Guys! I tried to make it the best I could, but we all were pretty upset today. When I walked out of there, I just broke down. I haven't cried like that in quite a while...too many things all at once. I just hope that they find someone good and not another one like her.

Teresa, Brandon called his boss and he was told to tough it out. Since Brandon's day off is on Friday, they were nice enough to send another Tech from Grand Island for the day (which is over 3 hours away!). I have a feeling that I'll be called a few times next week to help out when they get swamped! It's hard enough when we are fully staffed...it's going to be really rough on them next week. We all thought that Samantha was doing a good job and never acted like she didn't like her job. I don't know if the whole Inventory Prep got to her or what. That's never easy, but it's not THAT bad! That little girl has ALOT of growing up to do! If she only knew how it felt...
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Shell that really sucks that she ruined your last day there. I hope that you enjoy your new job though. Amen on the growing up, sounds like she just couldn't handle the pressure of being a Pharmacy Tech. I did this job for 8 years so I know what you mean about the pressures.
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Originally posted by DragonLady
She sucks!
LOL yeah!!

Sorry Shell.. *hugs*
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What a horrible...well, you know what. Her actions were not only immature but extremely unprofessional. I know it's hard to think of since you are angry, but what she did is not a reflection on you or your pharmacy or your store, but on her and her alone. I just hope she doesn't put down your boss Brandon as a future reference-if she does, I hope he's very honest and screws her just as bad as she's screwed your store.

Don't get too wound up in what happened with her today. You are a wonderful person and your concern about how the store will be affected is just one more example of how caring you are. But, I've learned from my present job that being so angry about someone like her in some ways gives her a bit of power over you-she's a b**ch and doesn't deserve your time or your anger.
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What a loser! Let's all send bad vibes her way! People just have no work ethic anymore. Sounds like her letter of resignation was just some words she put down to make it sound official. Probably her mommy wrote it.
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so sorry your last day got ruined but someone being a total jerk, but i can asure you, you probally know more than she will ever learn, and from the way it sounds she wont even get very far pulling tricks like that, i sure do hope you have a better day tomorrow and jsut forget about that fool
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19 is young. I'm willing to bet she was not feeling up to the challenge of the job (and as someone else suggested), probably put something down on paper that sounded good.

My daughter is 21 and has had to give up a few jobs that she found overwhelming (or the bosses were jerks).

I'm sure that what happened, happened for a good reason. It sounds like the position requires a person who is more mature and seasoned.

I'm sorry your last day was a nightmare.

Look at the bright side. . . . you will never forget it!

It may take a little time, but they will find the right person for the job and all will be well again.

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She sounds like an immature brat who couldn't handle the job. She has some serious growing up to do if she wants to make it in life. Sorry she had to ruin your day. On the bright side, you are moving ahead, so celebrate that!
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Gosh Shell, don't let an immature little girl get you down. At least she gave you a really good excuse to cry, and you must be feeling all sorts of apprehension right now, leaving a job you liked, people you liked, and all that.

I almost thought that there was some problem in your Pharmacy until you said she was only 19! Good grief! What special abilities does she have, that makes her too important or gifted to do inventory prep! It reminds me of a high school co-op student who interviewed for work at my store. We told her she would be doing some general cleaning, and stuffing envelopes for mailing. She told her supervisor that the job didn't provide the learning experience she was looking for! I work in an art gallery, she thought she would be helping to select artists for exhibitions! Sorry, that's my job.

As it turns out, she never has to do any cleaning or housework at home, because they have a maid. I hope she gets a really good paying job some day to be able to afford to be treated specially like that.

Sometimes young people think they know a lot more than they do.
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