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This movie is a 10!!
For anyone who has a horse, and knows that special communication between horse and rider, this is a must see movie.
The photography is breathtaking, great acting, and a great soundtrack.
At the end of the movie, people where standing and applauding.
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Thanks for the thumbs up review! I don't often go to the movies, but based on your review, I might give this one a peek.
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I plan to see "Seabiscut". I don't drive so I will take the day off from work to see it during the day. (when the buses are running)
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thanks I have to go see it!
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Loved the book, looking forward to seeing the movie. There was a special about Seabiscuit on A&E last week, which was really good.
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I went to see Seabiscuit today with my friend Nicole (Nicolette here at TCS) and it was outstanding! Nicole had seen it the day before and told me it was SO good she would see it twice! BOY WAS SHE RIGHT!! This movie will leave you feeling good in the end!! I give it a 10 also!! WOW!! Just Beautiful!!!

I plan to buy this one for sure!!

Yay Seabiscuit!!

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Obviously I agree! It was an outstanding movie and one well worth seeing - twice!!!
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I have never even heard of this movie.
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i saw the ad, and thought it would be a movie i would like, but after these reviews, i know i will. i must see it
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