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She Used It!

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We got the kitties a cat bed for their birthday last week. Neither of them had even thought about using it as a bed. Perhaps as a toybox, but not as a bed. I was thinking it would just make a nice addition to the living room decor.

But hubby just sent me this email, with the only words in it: "She used it!"

I think it got the Ophelia seal of approval.
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LOL! What a cute pic!
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Aren't they precious when they're all curled up in their little nests?

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Congratulations, that's so cute!!! Harry has cute little cat beds all over the house ... but, somehow, he thinks the queen-size pillow top one in my bedroom is his!
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I don't have a bed for my kitties But they do have a big cat tree with a hammock at the top there they sleep. That is such a cute picture!
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Mine prefer my bed or inside the bathroom sink
Strange Kitties !
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Whooo-hooo!! I always get so happy too when they use things I get them. No-one will use our bought catbeds, but they looove sleeping on the grocery paper bags.
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LOL Heidi, my first thought when I saw the header was you were celebrating a new litter box!
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Way to go kitty!
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My cats each have a bed and do use it, but only in the winter time. Oherwise one sleeps on a king sz pillow above my head and one at my feet.
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awwwww, the belly on the furbaby looks so cute and inviting to rub your hair on so that it sticks straight up! congrats on them using the bed finally!
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that's a cute pic!!
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My boys would rather use my bed but on occasions I have caught them sleeping on Ceasar's,my Minature Pinscher,bed. Ceasar will get mad at them and run them out of it
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Hey I know what you mean! LOL I didnt think Zoey would care at all for her bed but she got right in it as soon as I put it down

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Love the bed.
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what a great picture, im glad they are going to use them, i have spent my last dollar on cat beds, i bought 3 different kind and neither one of them used them so i have givem them away to my friends, their cats used them, hope they continue
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Very cute picture! I've been thinking about getting a couple of those.
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Originally posted by hissy
LOL Heidi, my first thought when I saw the header was you were celebrating a new litter box!
Same here!
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Heidi, I know the feeling! I buy all sorts of special cat equipment, and I am always thrilled when they decide to use it. And sometimes it takes a while, cats do things in their own good time. I had to teach Sam to use his bed. He used to lie across my legs to sleep. I had to balance the bed on my legs, and then when he got settled in, I would slide it over to one side.

Bailey loved her little bed from the first day she was here. This is a picture of her in the first couple of hours she lived here, still set up in the bathroom. And she always sleeps with her head leaning over the side like that. And either you have really really big cat beds, or my cats are a lot larger than I thought.
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