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I am considering trying to petition to have our local zoo close. Or at least, move some of the animals out of there. Of all the zoos in the U.S.A, I think those in California and Colorado. I don't know if any of the other zoos are good. But the zoo here in Utah is bad, especially for the big cats, elephants, and alligators. Their pens are very small. I will go home and get some pictures. Then find a scanner. Then let me know what you think. I like the one in San diego because at least all the big animals are able to roam, not caged up. Only the lions and tigers get to go to the outdoor field and it is not very big. The rest of them are in cages were there is a big tire swing and some logs for them to play with. Our alligators are in a little pool. All they get to do is lay in that pool, not swim.
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I live in For Worth, home of a world-class zoo (Fort Worth Zoo). It's a wonderful zoo, and all the animals live in large habitats. These habitats mimic the animals' true environment very well. I think that zoos of this type are great. They do a lot of work to preserve endangered species and educate a lot of people. A new exhibit just opened at the zoo, Texas Wild. It features animals native to Texas and is just wonderful. The zoo geared it towards children, and it is a great step in teaching the next generation the value of preserving animals and their environment.

Now, on the other hand, I've heard the Dallas Zoo is pretty bad, animals in cages and not many habitats. I also went to a zoo in Clovis NM that made me very depressed. I think zoos like this need to either be updated with habitats for all animals or just closed down. They are very sad.
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Can you picture a wolf or a beautiful big cat in a cage? Or an elephant or bear in a cemented floor and wall with only a pool to play in? I will be going to the zoo sometime and take pictures of all the animals that are in inappropiate cages. The only animals I've seen to be in good places are the birds such as ducks and flamingos, and the monkeys and apes. I will try an scan them and see what you guys think.
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We don't have a zoo here in Iowa....but they do in Nebraska...I have been to the Omaha zoo, and it is wonderful! The animals have lots of room, and not so much confinement. I have also been to the denver zoo...and it is the same way. Good luck with this, nena....it is sad that they are being treated like that!
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Hey Nena! I totally understand what you are talking about at the Hogle Zoo there in SLC! When my husband and I were first dating in 1999, he took me to the zoo for my birthday! (I'd never been to a real zoo.. except for the little ones they have at amusement parks back home in Florida.. ) Well, it was a very somber visit! The monkies were the first animals we looked at there at Hogle! I watched them for a while and they were amazing little acrabats and seemed very happy! Then we moved onto the Polar Bear exhibit (where they had the new baby Polar bear)!! Very sad indeed!!! Okay... First of all... UTAH IS A DESERT PEOPLE!!! I've never seen ANY polar bears up in the northern mountains... do they belong in a zoo in Utah???!! HELL NO!! They looked so sad in there! I was so MAD at that point!! We moved on...... soon we came upon the camels... the pin was the size of my back yard!! (I don't have a big backyard!!) And the water pitchers... basically empty!! The big cats (much larger versions of my little Chloe)... small pins.. no where to go run and exercise .. plus, they were in an inside exhibit... not outside in natural habitat!!! :confused2

The whole visit was totally disgusting!! My husband and I will NEVER patronize that place again!! Another thing that made me totally pissed off was the fact that parents were not controlling their kids!! Kids were tapping on snake tanks and bird tanks and climbing on all the rails to get the glass cages.. just to bang on them!! Their were signs everywhere.. DO NOT BANG ON THE GLASS!! If I'd had that mallet, I'd of smashed all their little fingers off! Is that jsut so bad of me?! Sorry, but parents need to teach their kids respect for our animal friends or punish them! At least they need to be AWARE of what their kids are doing!!

Oh this topic got me going Nena!! But I totally agree with you! They need to shut down that zoo.. but I don't know if you're aware.. they're planning on expanding, actually, across the street where the parking is now located! I wish they wouldn't, but perhaps habitats will improve! *ERF*

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