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Did I mention I'm also planning a wedding

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PLANNING MY WEDDING.............. oooopps OUR WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!

The date is still to be determinded, but will be late this year or early in 2004

See "planning" website I've been working on!

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That is soooo cool!

Going to research your wedding now!
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Are you a wedding planner?

I want your ring. *very jealous*
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not a wedding planner

just planning MY wedding

I have to keep track of all my ideas/photos/sites!!

this is the best way possible

I love my rings too.... they are beautiful!
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Wow.. so all that is for your wedding? *even more jealous* lol

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I'm probly going to tie the knot in Vegas due to no funds *sigh*
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I love the rings!
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Oh, how fun and stressful at the same time! I remember it well....since it was only 2 1/2 years ago. Some seriously gorgeous items on your planning pages. Those cakes are to DIE for!
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LOL, I swear I gained 10 lbs uploading all these cake photos!!!

that was my most favorite part!!!
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Are we all invited?
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are you invited..... gulp

How do I tactfully say this.... NO!!!

The cost of a wedding in Southern California is OUT OF CONTROL!!!!

don't want to scare you with the cost!!!

I'll send you photos and a mint!
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ok will live with that!!
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What flavor mint?
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Minty Mints I think
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Where are you getting married Lhezzza?
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Either at the Hotel Del Coronado (San Diego)


Bai Hali - Coronado Coast - San Diego


Dana Point Harbor - Dana Point


LOL..... it is all based on availibity ~ whoever has a good date gets our business. We're going "location shopping" this weekend

We want ceremony and location at the same spot

(and not a church - Baptist and Cathaloic in-laws dont mix in a church!!!)
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Lhezzza, One very good wedding site to go to is That is where I went for most of my ideas and planning tips etc. for our wedding last October19. Wow time sure does fly it's almost our first anniversary
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The Knot message boards are my 2nd chat room!!!!
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Oh my gosh!!! Great idea I have, why don't we get to vote and you wear whatever we end up voting for, cake and all, that way it takes the heat of stress off of you? Well it's a thought and I really am liking that thought! I think we should run a poll on each of the items, but we would have to see a pic of you full length to see which dress and shoes and hair do would do best for you, if you don't mind. Does anyone else think this is a good idea?
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Well based on how well you are planning this, and how beautiful you are arranging this, it is going to be a phenomenal wedding!! Love the attention to detail that you have. Congratulations!!!
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Best Wishes! Love your site, you have wonderful taste!

The knot is a great site, too.

We got married this spring & if you want to hear it, I have just a little advice...

Have someone remind you to carry your boquet low so it doesn't hide you - I knew that & still forgot. Have someone carry a makeup refreshing kit for pics after the ceremony (forgot that, too. ) And if you're a terrible shot like I am, practice throwing your boquet (I tossed mine waaaaayyyy too far!)

Try to relax and get enough sleep. Enjoy this time, and trust your friends and family to help make it work, and take advantage of any offers to help - you don't have to do it all yourself! I made that mistake & was a nervous wreck with huge undereye bags until I let my friends & family take over at the last minute, and it all turned out beautifully!
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How are these wonderful plans progressing?
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Lizza - I've been wondering about your wedding! I searched - and found this thread. But you haven't updated your wedding planning site since July! Did I miss something? (worried)

BTW - I love the dresses you're choosing from (if those are the choices still). I'm not too fond of the last one (Victories Collection) - but I don't know how you'd choose between the others.

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And you are SO thoughtful - going for bridesmaid's dresses that can be worn for other functions!!!!! I love the 3rd and 4th ones....
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Lizza where are you?! I started a thread a few days ago asking if anyone had heard from you.

Hope everything is ok!
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What a great job! Just remember that plan everything you can, but don't stress on the day if something goes wrong - it always does. I also planned everything out and everyone at my wedding said that I was the most relaxed bride they had ever seen. Plan a spot for indoor and outdoor photos because you can never depend on weather - even in California. We were lucky we had 2 places booked as the tail end of a hurricane came thru on wedding day. More then anything - make sure that you have a great time!
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Good luck on that...I had less than 8 months to plan for mine, but it was a dream come true. You can see mine on my website:

My friends husband had the groom's cake like the one on your website with the beer bottles in it. It was hilarious!
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