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What's your favorite Pizza topping?

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Thanks Yzma for starting the pizza thing...

My vote goes to mushrooms, I love them! My second choice would be extra cheese.
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I love sausage onion and mushroom on mine with extra cheese!!
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I like beef topping (can't eat pork), mushrooms, olives, onions and extra cheese! Mmmm
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extra cheese,pork,black olives
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My favorite topping isn't on there. I LOVE feta on my pizza, but it wasn't a choice so I voted for extra cheese.
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Love pepperoni w/extra cheese MMMMMMMMMMMMM, wonder if DH will take me to Pizz Hut for supper tonight LOVE their little personal pan pizza !
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My favourite is back bacon. It's nearly impossible to find a pizza place that has good back bacon though.
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I can't eat bacon,ever since I was pregt. with my second son.
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What is the difference between back bacon and regular bacon?
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?don't know!
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Actually I LOVE spinach and feta.
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Feta is such a good pizza topping, but a lot of the larger commercial pizza places don't have it. Which I guess is fine since I don't think their pizza is as good as a lot of the smaller places around here.
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Isn't Feta a cheese???

I love pineapple with extra cheese. I hate white sause on pizza!
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You forgot mine...fresh tomato
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Isn't Feta a cheese???
Yup it's a cheese put it has a very strong taste and it doesn't really melt so it doesn't blend in with the regular cheese topping that is already on the pizza.
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Originally posted by uabassoon
What is the difference between back bacon and regular bacon?
Back bacon basically looks like ham and tastes more like bacon, but it is much leaner. It is smoked, pink, and comes from the rib end or centre cut loin. Regular bacon is not as lean and is also refered to as "side bacon." It has the alternating strips of fat and meat that we're all familiar with.
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I think I've heard it called canadian bacon before.
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LOL and I just noticed you were from Canada. I always wondered what canadian bacon was called in Canada.
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When we have pizza with my sister we get white sauce (I like it) because she can't eat processed tomatoes at all. They tear up her stomach.

One good one was feta and artichoke hearts with white sauce.
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Actually, Americans began calling it Canadian bacon. I found a link that explains why: http://www.virtualtourist.com/m/1b080/530/a/ (scroll to the last couple of paragraphs)
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ok I know what it is now!
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ewwww feta bleh! it looks like curdled cottage cheese but a bit more broken up and way too salty for my taste buds

I love me some pineapple and jalepenos, don't do the pork thing and don't particularly care for the dried up beef they put on there, so just leave it pineapple, jalepenos, cheese and some tomato sauce, yum yum lip smacking good
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Well, my favorite pizza from a local restaurant is regular with mushrooms, from Valentino's in Cleveland's Little Italy. But, when I make pizza at home I like basil and tomato feta with sundried tomatoes.
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i would have to say, pepp. and extra cheese
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I voted for black olives. Black olives and green peppers are good... and pineapple and pepperoni is good too. We have a local place near me that has a fresh tomato/garlic pizza. It's incredible!
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Parmesan Cheese! Although it's not nice for anyone who doesn't like it and smells it. LOL
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i like mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage, ham, and banana peppers.. but since no one else likes this combo, I'm usually stuck with either just pepperoni or on a good day pepperoni and mushrooms..
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All meat toppings...bacon, ham, pepperoni, and extra cheese please MMMMMMMmmmmmm
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Hello Everyone.

I used to really like Pizza but then we brought a pizza shop and I didn't like it as much,,, called "Rogers Pizzas"( We have owned many buisnesses(sp?). They had every flavored pizza avaliable , and you could choose your own toppings, I always had LOTS & LOTS of Bacon, Ham , Cabanossi, Sausage , Beef , Chicken , a tiny bit of cheese and lots of tomoto and sometimes egg, We owned this pizza shop for 2 years and sold it December 2002.

I voted Bacon. Although egg is probably my fave, and you didn't have egg

Cool Thread! I feel like Pizza!
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Sam, what's Cabanossi?

When I lived in Germany Four Seasons or Tuna Fish pizza were my favs. Most people go YUCK! when they hear Tuna Fish, but it's actually very good. You can't just take a can of Tuna, though, you have to marinate it in Italian dressing first. That makes the best Tuna Fish pizza.

I like eggs on pizza too.

Four seasons has broccoli, marinated mushrooms and onions, ham, an egg, and in the center is a pepperoncini (they call it pepperoni there). Yummy!
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