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THis Just Makes Me Soooo Mad!!!

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I post at a website for parents,anyhow a girl there has 2 dogs (older dogs) Well all of a sudden shes preg and they have no time to walk them and stuff so they want to get rid of them I mean my god its the only home those dogs have ever known!!! How can someone just throw pets away?? Fluffy is a part of our family and i would never give him up. Ughhh!!
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I am amazed at the reasons people will give up their pets. People would have to physically restrain me to try to get any of my cats away from me! They are my kids!
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I saw this cat in a PetsMart that I volunteer at. It would be the perfect cat for anybody, but it has been sitting there for at least three weeks. On the card they have on the cages, it say the reason they are there. Some of the reasons are apauling. One was a seven month old kitten, that was given up because she got pregnant. Others were found in bad homes and taken out, others had problems with spraying. I want to take them all out of there, but I can't. I just go play with them all once a week. There is this one cat there. He is a big orange tabby. He is declawed and not that friendly. He will swat at you if you try to pet him, but I saw this one family that was playing with him with a feather toy. I was glad to see he was playing, but I think he will be hard to place in a home. So, I just look forward to a time, when I can take one out of there.
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I know what you mean. I went to the shelter last weekend and there was a 6 year old cat in there that was given up because the family got a new kitten and he was jeolous so they got rid of the older cat! Great that you adopted a new kitten, but to just disregard your older cat! HELLO! I get so mad. Ever hear of separting them? They will eventually probably tolerate each other. I swear, if I had more room in my house, I would adopt more!

The other classics are the ones that take them to the shelter because they are moving! If you can't have pets at your new place, don't move there! I don't understand how they can just disregard them. My cats are like children to me and I don't care what the situation, I would never give them up in a million years!
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I just don't understand people.....
I have 4 human kids...2 kitties....all 6 are my babies!! I would NEVER give them up for something like that...that just steams me
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My blood just boiled reading this thread.

I HATE people.
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Mine, too!!! What in the world can these people be thinking?
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Makes me realise why I really prefer my cats to people !
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Originally posted by KittenKrazy

Makes me realise why I really prefer my cats to people !
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