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kitty litterbox woes

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I have a friend who has just had her home turned upside down and now her 5 month kitty is 'going' outside the box. Her mother moved in with her, temporarily, bringing her dog, and then her husband brought home another puppy out of the blue, and also her brother has moved in with them as well. The cat was using the box fine up until now. The puppy is also eliminating on the carpets. All this within the last two months. She told me she wanted to take the cat to the Humane Society but I told her I would try and help her with the cat. Does anyone have any advice for my friend? What can she do?
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First I would seperate the cat into a room of it's own. This is way too much for a kitten. Second, if the kitten is not fixed, then that may help. Just try to get the cat to calm down. It is just really stressed. There can't be any harm in taking it to the vet, so she could have it tested for a UTI. If your friend recently changed litter, then change back. I would just try to calm the little kitty down. She is really stressed and I hope you and your friend all the best.
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Okay, that makes a lot of sense. She did try changing litter brands, thinking that was the problem, but I told her no, the poor thing is just really stressed out. I forgot to ask if he was fixed. I will call her tonight.
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It sounds like the poor kitten is just agrivated at his new living conditions. I would suggest a vet trip, neutering if he's not already fixed and a room of his own. Its imperative that cats have a quiet and safe environment.
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I agree with NoahsMommy and Kitty Queen, this poor baby is way stressed out. A room of her own without any other animals around. A feliway spray in that room or plug in is in order. NO ONE should try to touch or pull the cat out of the room for at least a month. This does not mean that they should throw it into the garage, or outside. A room with a closet is best so there are hiding places and just let the kitty decompress.

If it was me I would set a date for the other folks to move out! This would solve the problem! (I hope hubby is helping clean up after the puppy!)
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How very sad that they would consider having the cat euthanized because they have stressed it out. (The cat won't be adoptable because it was turned in due to potty problems, so it will be killed.)

Anyway...please click here to read a thread which provides simple solutions for inapporpriate peeing.

Good luck.
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