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Why does my cat stare at me?

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I love her dearly but sometimes she really creeps me out. She stares at me constantly no matter what i'm doing. I go outside to smoke and there she is in the window staring....i'm in the shower and she's staring....i'm reading and yes, staring. Even my friends have commented on it. I've had lots of cats and she seems to be the only one to do it all the time. I just don't understand. Some of the reasons i've come up with is that she is a rescue(but so were/are my other cats), she's black (not a good reason), she's hungry (still does it right after she has eaten). Maybe she is just creepy. Help!
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Maybe she really likes you? I don't think that her staring at you makes her creepy at all. It may get kind of annoying at times, having a cat that never takes their eyes off of you, but I'm sure it is nothing to worry about.
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When he's not sleeping, Memphis likes to stare at people. He does it from the hallway mostly, which I think makes it creepier. He's very statue-esque, and sometimes he'll stare at you from just outside the room you're in. The worst is when he's on the mantle behind/above the TV and you can't help but notice him.

He just likes to watch people, I think, so I don't pay it much attention. Plus, who doesn't like it when people (or cats) pay attention to them? I love it.
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How many times has Gary (DH) woken up at night to find one of our cats sitting there, staring at him intently? He thinks they're sizing him up, wondering how many meals they'd get out of him if something happened and they had to resort to that.

I think when they stare like that they're trying to communicate telepathically. Food? Treat? Play? A specific toy?
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She's a rescue? Maybe she has abandonment issues and wants to keep an eye on you to make sure you don't leave her?
I know its creepy when they stare though. The boys will sit on either side of my computer chair and glare at me. Sometimes I think lasers are gonna shoot out and disintegrate me.
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Maybe he really likes what he see. Just wants to know what you're doing--he doesn't want to miss anything. You might make a move toward the kibble and he wants to be the first to see that!!
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lol cute... Kis likes to watch everything we do - I call it supervising
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You're her version of reality television.

She's probably thinking the same thing whenever you're watching TV, "why does she stare at this box.... think she might be broken."
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I don't have starers I guess I am not interesting.
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Your cat adores you!!!! And you are so lucky... My Pipsqueak constantly is watching me and follows me wherever I go. He is my guard cat too. It is so wonderful when a cat loves you so much they can't take their eyes off of you
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Kitties are very inquisitive and smart creatures. They stare for various get your attention, to see what you're doing, to learn your body language and what it means, to size you up and determine if you're friend or foe, and just to annoy you and make you think you're crazy.

Mine don't necessarily stare, but they do watch us all the time!
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My cat Gizmo stares at me constantly and I really interpret it as love and trust with her. We just adore each other. She doesnt do it so much with my husband.
However, I can distinguish her "gazing with love" look with the "will you please get up and feed me now" look. But she is all about love and trust-she's a very sensitive kitty.

Our other cat, Strider, is another story...his looks say much less about love and trust and more about what he wants and needs and expects of you. He has a way of looking at you askance, like he just knows you're about to annoy him. We got him as a rescue and wonder if he was maybe a feral kitten.

I do have a question about him...I hope its ok to ask it here.
He has this habit of crouching and cringing when we try to pat or pick him up, as if he expects to be hit. This makes us feel terrible because we've never done anything to make him expect that. He loves to play, but is not cuddly and seems afraid of people when they come to the house. The only time he approaches for cuddling is on the sofa at night...he likes to be patted until he curls up and starts sucking his toe. He's a big toe-sucker since he was a baby.

Are these signs he was feral?
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I have a black rescue cat and she stares at me as well. If I go outside to take out garbage or recyclables she will look out the window or door at me. If I go downstairs she will run down with me and watch me as I do laundry. If I am watching tv she will lay on her tree and start at me until her eyes closed.

I think it is just normal for a cat to do. They are naturally curious and want to see what you are doing (or hoping that you are getting them treats)
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I've had my tabby, her name is maggie, for 11 years. Not only does she sit and stare but, she has sucked the tip of her tail since she was 5 weeks old. She is in love with me! She misses me while I'm @ work, greets me @ the door! She will follow me from room to room, walk along side of me outside and she's never tried to run away.when I sit, she has to curl up next to me and suck her tail, and purr. Yet, if I pick her up to hug her, she cries and gets mad at me!! She has to set the ground rules! She knows when I'm upset, and stares at me so intently. She has me paranoid. I think maybe she thinks I'm gonna leave her...? Yeah, that's paranoid!! Someone told me they know if you're ill, or gonna die..and I can't get it out of my head.
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your kitty just really love you and dont want you out of her site

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I think she may find what your doing interesting and/or admire you or want some affection from you or she might feel the need to protect you in return of you taking care of her she may feel then need to repay you. hello.gif

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Cats do that. One of my cats is sitting next to the shower with her eyes the size of the saucers, every time I take a shower. When I get out, she starts circling my feet and meowing as if she is trying to say : "Stop ! Why are you submitting yourself to this torture !!" So I have to calm her down: "Yes, Nikita, I survived another one !!"

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My guess is that they are just really puzzled by the way we do things. Lol many a time I have looked at my cat, and seen a look that could only be descibed as
"*** is she doing?"

Though if your cat is staring at you so intently, I would agree with the other posters, she is just in love with you.

Hah. I do know what you mean by creepy stares though, my Astro kitty occasionally sit at the opposite end of the hallway, with his eyes like big glowy saucers.
It's like something out of a horror movie.
Sometimes he follows it up with this little skip-jump, then running towards me for attention.
Funny creatures :D

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I have a cat, Lily, who does this.  I prefer to think of it as "gazing at me lovingly", though! 
She will lay in my arms, on her back, just staring into my eyes.  It's pretty darn cute! 
I've been told that means that she has absolute trust in me.  I think that the fact she'll lay on her back in my arms definitely portrays trust but I'm not sure about the eye contact.

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My girl only stares at me while I'm going #2 like she's thinking "What are you doing in there"

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thank goodness that my cats are not the only ones that have a staring problem!  Reading the other post help me to understand my cats behavior better.  I have two black bombay girl cats that I got as rescue cats,they were only 8 weeks old (I just could not resist them being so young in a shelter) and we have been a family ever since!  They both stare at me and watch where I walk and one of them is my bathroom buddie and she leads the way like she knows I have to go!  Glad to know they are not weird, they just love me and the feeling are mutual!

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She may be interested in what you're doing, or wanting to keep an eye on you, or sending you love from afar. Does she blink at you(aka kitty kisses), or is it just a deadpan stare? I have a cat who seems to stare at everything. His eyes are just always wide, she may have the same problem?


At least she's staring at you, my old cat used to stare at a certain lamp we had, and she was very twitchy when she did. Occasionally her fur would puff up or she'd growl/hiss. Eventually we got rid of the never happened with any other furniture. 4

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Your cat loves you if he is staring at you. Unconditionally. Mines stares at me all the time. I am not creeped out I love my baby.I adopted him from the shelter and he is so spoiled rotten.To hear my family and friends tell it.
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