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Noah is getting worse

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Noah, our orange maine coon in my signature below seems to hate everyone but David and I.

This behavior had gradually started as we added more cats, but since we don't have too many visitors, we instruct them to ignore him and everthing is fine.

We were away earlier this week for the birth of our niece. The people that fed our cats said Noah swatted them and was really mean. Normally, if he's ignored, he'll just eat and be on his own.

Its getting worse. Any ideas on what to do?

Noah is only 2 years old.
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Well, I know to condition a dog, you have everybody new come in and give the dog a treat. I'm sure it would work with a cat. Just have a bowl of treats by the dooor, so that anytime company is over, they give the cat a treat. Eventually he should make the connection that people=treat. You could even have all of your neighbors come over to help you. It would make the proccess faster. It is worth a shot. Having averyone ignore him, may be making things worse. He then is making the connection that new people=ignored (no love). Good luck!
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You can't really train a cat like you do a dog. It doesn't work out very well. Is he neutered? I would suggest you look into Pam Johnson Bennett books, Twisted Whiskers, Psycho Kitty, or Think Like a Cat. She has excellent protocol set up to deal with this type of behavior in her books.
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Thank you! The treat idea just may work...he LOVES treats.

Yes, Noah was neutered when he was a kitten. He never used to be like this, he'd climb up on people's laps and fall asleep. Until Basie came along. He likes all the other cats (expect Olivia, she was #5 though) so I just don't understand the corelation.

I'll stop by Barnes and Noble tomorrow to look for those books. Thank you.
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Any updates on this situation? Pls keep us posted.. Thanks!
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I got the book "Psycho Kitty" and it was great because Otis is a psycho. It may help.
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