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Friend needs prayers

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The girl work for is currently in the hospital, possibly giving birth 6 weeks early. She was in the hospital for a sinus infection, and began having contractions last night. She has 2 boys, and wants this little girl desperately. She has had numerous miscarriages, and losing this bby would do her in. Thanks. I am off to do her shift at the shop. I hope they have some good news when I get there.
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Positive thoughts going her way. I hope all is well - keep us updated!
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Sending her good thoughts.
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sending prayers!
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Good energy heading down South!
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My thoughts & prayers are with your friend and her baby.
My sister had 2 babies early . . . one 5 weeks, the other at 4.
They were both perfectly fine.

Modern medicine can do wonders with preemies. . . . even those weighing less than a pound!

Take care.

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The baby was born about the time I was posting this thread. So far, so good. She is tiny, 4 lbs. 11 oz. but is breathing on her own. The next 2 days are critical. She is in ICU. Mom is fine, but understandably worried.
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Will pray for the baby .
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I am sure the baby will be okay - technology is amazing these days. Baby in my thoughts as well.
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I'm sorry i got to this thread late..but will be praying for both the baby and the mother...
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I just went to see mom at the hospital. She is fine and will be going home tomorrow. The baby, Skyler Christina Elise, is still doing well. Her breathing is fine. They thought they would have to feed her through a tube, but decided to try a bottle first. She chowed down like it was cool! I didn't get to see her, because she is still in ICU, but did get to see a pic. She is beautiful! I thought I would see a skinny, pathetic little scrap of baby, but she looks perfect. I think she may not have been as early as they thought. She is not completely out of the woods, but the prognosis is better than we could have imagined!
Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts.
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I am so glad for the good news!
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Hoping for continued good news. Technology is amazing, hopefully it will be in this case, too.
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great new's!!
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