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Are all cats initially female?

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Okay - I know that being a parent to a 4 year old in september makes me a little nieve (how the heck do you spell that word niaeve- give up) however, I was stunned into silence at work today to find that all babies, in the early stages of pregnancy (human babies) are female until bits suddenly devlope and a recogniseable sex becomes apparent. Took me a while to get over this - however, my wife says its true - or she keeps doing between fits of laughter and not believing I did not know - is this true of all animals inc cats or is this just my lot winding me up again?
feeling a little strange knowing I may have once been female (albeit it a few weeks into my mother being pregnant with me)but this may account for why I cry at the end of the film Ghost every time.....
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that is not really true. All babies APPEAR female until there "stuff" devolpes Girls and boys have different genes right from the start. SO you were always a boy!
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Thank you - that makes me feel better - however, I still cry bucket at the end of ghost - soft or what!
100 per cent man! - thankfully
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my hubby never cries! It is nice to know at least some men have emotions!
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Yeah, I think it has something to do with the X & the Y chromosome, (and I can't spell either) So, even if you don't have your parts yet, when you are first an embryo, you do have either the X or the Y, which determines your sex.
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All babies are initially intersexual at the beginning of development-they have tissues that can become male or female reproductive organs (Mullerian and Wolfian ducts). However, development of male organs requires the action of testosterone, which starts a cascade of events that leads to becoming male. Female is the "default", for lack of a better word, and if nothing happens, the baby will become female, even if it has a Y (male) chromosome.

This is true for all mammals, who all have an XY gender determining system.
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