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Anyone heard of Soft Paws?

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My boyfriend and I were talking last night. He was wanting to get our 3 little kittens declawed. I, on the other hand am totally against it. I'm much to worried about my baby boys getting depressed, sad, and not having as much fun playing and such without their claws. I couldn't bear having my babies and not being able to see them play and climb like usual. We were considering alternatives and besides training them not to do certain things like clawing up drapes, furniture, and carpet.. we talked about Soft Paws.

Soft Paws is a cover that you glue on your cats nails. I believe its a vinyl cover? I don't know if they are comfortable for the cats or not. I'm not too sure about this either but I wanted to find out if you guys knew anything about this? Or maybe how well it works?! If you're interested in reading about it.. you can read up on it at www.softpaws.com



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there have been many threads regarding this in the health/nutrition forum. I'm sure a helpful moderator will post that link so you can peruse it.

from what I remember several people tried them & were VERY satisfied by the results.
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Oh, please do not get the kittens declawed!
I visit our local shelters frequently and they have declawed kitties that they cannot place. Your babies will lose one of their most valuable defense mechanisms without their claws. I have heard that the soft paws works well - my vet recommends them.....
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Please, please, please...do NOT get your babies de-clawed!

De-clawing is a form of amputation, it's cruel, painful, and unnecessary.

I wish I had a link to illustrate the procedure to you and your boyfriend...maybe Anne, Sandie, Donna, or Hissy can help me here?

When a cat is de-clawed, they don't just take the nail...they take part of the paw itself...it's inhumane...not to mention health problems that can arise due to infection, etc.

My neighbor has 3 cats, and uses a form of Soft Paws. She's a bit of a nut though, and matches her girls' claws and collars and changes them often...always matching them. Last time I saw the cats they were all in "animal prints", one Tiger, one Zebra, and one Leopard...they look hilarious...but the cats don't seem to mind!

I'm sorry if I sounded harsh (aka bitchy) but I just feel so strongly against de-clawing. I hope you decide against it.

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Here's a link to a anti-declaw site. I have personally never used soft paws. My cats have always learned to use their scratching post (and it's even a cheapy post). Also, I trim Muffy's claws about once every week or two. Because I've done it since she was a baby, she tolerates this well. I have heard from other people that soft paws do work.

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Thanks Dawn91 for supplying the link!

I also clip Cagney and Lilys claws...well, my boyfriend does, he has a way with my girls and they don't mind a bit, although Lily still hasn't figured out that she can no longer climb the curtains after he's done!:laughing2

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My babies will NOT being getting declawed. I'm not having any of that cruel stuff done to them. Thankfully my boyfriend is fine with letting them keep their claws. I didn't like the sound of it from the beginning.. now it'll never happen to any cats that I ever own. Thanks for all the information and the link! Greatly appreciated. Cleo, you didn't sound bitchy at all :p I totally agree with you on the matter. Thanks again guys!

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YIPPEE SKIPPEE...........you made the right decision.

kitty hugs for you and a big meow to your boyfriend!
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I've got soft paws and they are great! Don't bother putting them on the back paws. They come off very quickly when they do the "prey Kick". They work as directed. My kitten didn't even notice she was wearing them.

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We've tried soft paws before - but the cat I put them on cried like it hurt? So I stopped, she doesn't mind her claws clipped though so I don't know if she was faking... Anyone else had this prob? Also I have a not completely tame feline that I need to put them on (she is clawing our couch and carpet and has two perfectly fine scratching posts), but she barely lets me clip her claws - any ideas?

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